Introductory STAT course advising FAQs



1)      I need STAT 2301, but it is not offered in fall 2017, when will it be offered?

We have “phased out” 2301, and starting in the 2017-18 AY, it will no longer be offered. STAT 2331 now has an Excel component, and so can be used to satisfy the previous 2301 requirement used for example by Cox School of Business.


2)      I need STAT 2301 (or STAT 2331) but I took STAT 2331 (or STAT 2301). Will I need to take another course?

Generally speaking most departments or colleges will accept STAT 2331 in place of STAT 2301, and vice versa. You should check with the department/college concerned. An important exception is for students on a “pre-med” track. Most medical schools will NOT accept STAT 2301, so if you are “pre-med”, you must take STAT 2331.


3)      When will STAT 1301 be offered?

This course is no longer offered. STAT 2301 and 2331 can each be used to satisfy the QF requirements of the University Curriculum.


4)      I am an SMU student, and want to take a STAT course somewhere else and have it count for STAT 2301/2331. How do I do this?

You can’t. Once a student has matriculated to SMU, they must satisfy the QF requirement through coursework taken at SMU.  This means no transfer credit will be given for STAT 2301 or STAT 2331 for coursework taken outside of SMU after matriculation. For consistency this applies to any course which is deemed as equivalent to STAT 2301/2331, regardless of whether the student wants the credit for the QF requirement, for another requirement, or even general elective credit in STAT. Note that STAT 2331 is offered in multiple sections every semester, and at least one section is offered in almost all “inter-term” sessions (Jan Term, May Term, summer, August in Taos).



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