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As a result of my extensive work in the area of transnational commercial law I have become interested in international commercial arbitration. I teach international commercial arbitration both as a stand-alone course and as a component of an International Business Transactions survey course. In addition, I edit a quarterly newsletter, News & Notes, for the Institute for Transnational Arbitration in Dallas, Texas.

Below I have compiled relevant world wide web sites. Check them out. You may also wish to consult compilations prepared by international institutions, such as the Asser Institute; the International Trade Law Monitor of the University of Tromsö; the Kluwer Law International Arbitration Site; and the webpages prepared by Lyonette Louis-Jacques or for Prof. Dr. Marianne Roth. If you have comments (or questions), you may contact me at

This page was last updated on June 29, 1999.

A. Convention Texts

  1. U.N. Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, 1958 (New York Convention)
  2. Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration, 1975 (Panama Convention)
    Status of Inter-American Convention

B. Model Law and National Legislation

  1. UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration
    UNCITRAL Secretariat Explanation of Model Law
    Status of UNCITRAL Model Law
    UNCITRAL CLOUT Abstracts
  2. Federal Arbitration Act

C. Arbitration Rules

  1. UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules
  2. ICC Rules of Arbitration (effective Jan. 1, 1998)
  3. AAA International Arbitration Rules [download in zip file]
  4. CAMCA Rules
  5. Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules
  6. WIPO Arbitration Rules
  7. WIPO Expedited Arbitration Rules

D. Mediation and Conciliation Rules

  1. UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules
  2. WIPO Mediation Rules

E. Institutional Arbitration Sites

  1. American Arbitration Association
  2. British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre
  3. Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London)
  4. Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
  5. Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission
  6. International Chamber of Commerce (Paris) -- International Court of Arbitration
  7. Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration
  8. London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) -- Arbitration International
  9. Milan Chamber of National and International Arbitration
  10. Singapore International Arbitration Centre
  11. Stockholm Chamber of Commerce -- Arbitration Institute
  12. WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

F. Miscellaneous Arbitration Sites

  1. CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution (CPR)
  2. Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR)
  3. Monthly newsletter European Arbitration
  4. Information in French Braudo website

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