Klaus Desmet
Altshuler Centennial Interdisciplinary Professor

Department of Economics & Cox School of Business
Southern Methodist University


Research Associate, NBER

Research Affiliate, CEPR

Research Associate, UC3M



SMU Dept of Economics

3300 Dyer, Suite 301

Dallas, TX 75205

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Classes 2020-2021 (Spring)


International Macro Theory and Policy


Geography, Long-Run Growth and Political Economy







Papers published in refereed academic journals



             1.   The Cultural Divide,” Economic Journal, forthcoming (with Romain Wacziarg). Online Appendix. Coverage in The Economist and UCLA Anderson Review. Related Pro-Market blog article.


             2.   Urban Growth Shadows,” Journal of Urban Economics, forthcoming (with David Cuberes and Jordan Rappaport). Online Appendix.


             3.   Understanding Spatial Variation in COVID-19 across U.S. Counties,” Journal of Urban Economics: Insights, forthcoming (with Romain Wacziarg). Online Appendix. Replication files. Coverage in National Post. Related LSE US Centre blog post.


             4.   Evaluating the Economic Cost of Coastal Flooding,” American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming (with Robert Kopp, Scott Kulp, Dávid Krisztián Nagy, Michael Oppenheimer, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg and Ben Strauss). Replication files. Related Vox column, policy brief and video. Coverage on NPR and AEA Research Highlights Podcast.


             5.   The Shrinking Advantage of Market Potential,” Journal of Development Economics, 2020, 147, 102529 (with Marius Brülhart and Gian-Paolo Klinke).


             6.   Spatial Competition, Innovation and Institutions: The Industrial Revolution and the Great Divergence,” Journal of Economic Growth, 2020, 25, 1-35 (with Avner Greif and Stephen Parente).


             7.   The Geography of Diversity and the Provision of  Public Goods,” Journal of Development Economics, 2020, 143, 102384 (with Joseph Gomes and Ignacio Ortuńo). Online Appendix. Related Vox column. Coverage in Quartz and La Vanguardia.


             8.   The Geography of Development,” Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 126, 903-983, lead article, winner of Lucas Prize (with Dávid Krisztián Nagy and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg). Online Appendix with Video Simulations. Replication Files. Related Vox column. Coverage in The Economist, La Nación and Le nouvel Economiste.


             9.   Peripheral Diversity: Transfers versus Public Goods,” Social Choice and Welfare, 2017, 49, 787-823 (with Ignacio Ortuńo and Shlomo Weber).


           10.   Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity,” American Economic Review, 2017, 107, 2479-2513, lead article (with Ignacio Ortuńo and Romain Wacziarg). Online Appendix. Related Vox column. Interview in Trends.


           11.   The Settlement of the United States, 1800-2000: The Long Transition to Gibrat’s Law,” Journal of Urban Economics, 2017, 98, 50-68 (with Jordan Rappaport). Online Appendix.


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           21.   The Political Economy of Linguistic Cleavages,” Journal of Development Economics, 2012, 97, 322-338 (with Ignacio Ortuńo and Romain Wacziarg). ELF and Polarization Data (different levels of aggregation).


           22.   The Stability and Breakup of Nations: A Quantitative Analysis,” Journal of Economic Growth, 2011, 16, 183-213 (with Michel Le Breton, Ignacio Ortuńo and Shlomo Weber). Coverage in BBC, Radio Nacional de Espańa, El Mundo.


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           36.   A Perfect Foresight Model of Regional Development and Skill Specialization,” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2000, 30, 221-242.



Completed working papers



           37.   Expanding the Measurement of Culture with a Sample of Two Billion Humans,” NBER Working Paper #27827, CEPR Discussion Paper #15315, September 2020 (with Edmond Awad, Manuel Cebrián, Ángel Cuevas, Rubén Cuevas, Ignacio Martín, Nick Obradovich, Ignacio Ortuńo-Ortín, Ömer Özak and Iyad Rahwan).


           38.   Local Sectoral Specialization in a Warming World,” CEPR Discussion Paper #15491, November 2020 (with Bruno Conte, Dávid Krisztián Nagy and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg).



Book chapters 



           39.   The Geography of Development within Countries,” in: Duranton, G., Henderson, J.V. and Strange, W. (Eds.), Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics vol. 5., Elsevier: Amsterdam, 2015 (with Vernon Henderson).


           40.   Linguistic Cleavages and Economic Development,” in: Ginsburgh, V. and Weber, S. (Eds.), Palgrave Handbook of Economics and Language, Palgrave McMillan, 2016 (with Ignacio Ortuńo and Romain Wacziarg).


           41.   Analyzing Urban Systems: Have Mega-Cities Become Too Large?,” in: Glaeser, E. and Joshi-Ghani, A. (Eds.), The Urban Imperative: Towards Competitive Cities, Oxford University Press, 2015 (with Esteban Rossi-Hansberg).



Other published work 



           42.   Discussion of The Bank Lending Channel: Evidence from Emerging Economies,” Moneda y Crédito, 2003, 216, 201-203.


           43.   Breaking Down the Barriers to Firm Growth in Europe,” Bruegel Blueprint 18, 2012 (with Loris Rubini, Facundo Piguillem and Aránzazu Crespo).


           44.   Book review of “A Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy” by Joel Mokyr, Journal of Economic History, 2018, 78, 1261-1263.