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J. Matthew Wilson
Department of Political Science
Southern Methodist University
Box 750117
Dallas, TX 75275-0117 
Phone: (214) 768-4054
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Office: 215 Carr Collins Hall
Hours: 4:00-6:00 pm Wed


Curriculum Vita


Published Articles

“Political Sophistication and Attributions of Blame in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina”
Publius: The Journal of Federalism 38 (Sep 2008): 633-650

“Economic Voting and Political Sophistication: Defending Heterogeneous Attribution”
Political Research Quarterly 60 (Sep 2007): 555-558

“Rethinking Symbolic Racism: Evidence of Attribution Bias”
The Journal of Politics 68 (Aug 2006): 611-625

“Cognitive Heterogeneity and Economic Voting: A Comparative Analysis of Four Democratic Electorates”
American Journal of Political Science 50 (Jan 2006): 127-145

“A New Right?: Moral Issues and Partisan Change in Canada”
Social Science Quarterly 86 (Mar 2005): 109-128

“The Spouse in the House: What Explains the Marriage Gap in Canada?”
Canadian Journal of Political Science 37 (Dec 2004): 979-995

“Causal Attribution and Economic Voting in American Congressional Elections”
Political Research Quarterly 56 (Sep 2003): 271-282

“Follow the Leader?: Presidential Approval, Presidential Support, and Representatives’ Electoral Fortunes”
The Journal of Politics 65 (Aug 2003): 785-808

“Political Sophistication and Economic Voting in the American Electorate: A Theory of Heterogeneous Attribution”
American Journal of Political Science 45 (Oct 2001): 899-914

“Concordance and Projection in Citizen Perceptions of Congressional Roll Call Votes”
Legislative Studies Quarterly 25 (Aug 2000): 445-467

“’Blessed Are the Poor:’ American Protestantism and Attitudes Toward Poverty and Welfare”
Southeastern Political Review 27 (Sep 1999): 421-437

“Competing Redistricting Plans as Evidence of Political Motives: The North Carolina Case”
American Politics Quarterly 27 (Apr 1999): 147-176


Recent Papers

“Group Identity and Political Participation in the American Public”

“How Are We Doing?: Group-Based Economic Assessments and African American Political Behavior”

“Group Identity and Social Trust in the American Public”


Course Syllabi

American Government Syllabus (PLSC 1320)

Public Opinion Syllabus (PLSC 3334)

Political Dynamics Syllabus (PLSC 4324)

Religion and Politics Syllabus (PLSC 4363)


Selected American Government Readings

Lipset-American Exceptionalism (Part 1)

Lipset-American Exceptionalism (Part 2)

King-"I Have a Dream"

Key-"A Theory of Critical Elections"

Key-"Secular Realignment and the Party System"

Salisbury-"An Exchange Theory of Interest Groups"


Selected Public Opinion Readings

"The Responsive Voter"  

"The Transmission of Political Values"  

"Issues and the Transmission of Partisanship"  

"Economic Discontent and Political Behavior"  

"Political Sophistication and Economic Voting"  

"The Silent Revolution in Europe"  

"The Media Elite" (Read This Instead!)

"Constituency Influence in Congress"  

"Effects of Public Opinion on Policy"  

"Trends in Popular Support for the Wars in Korea and Vietnam"

"Fundamental Principles of Democracy"  

"Consensus and Ideology in American Politics"  

"The Political Culture of Ambivalence"  

"The Humanitarian Foundation of Public Support for Social Welfare" 


Selected Political Dynamics Readings

Schattschneider Chapter

O'Heffernan Reading

Zaller Reading

Goldberg and Chait Pieces


Religion and Politics Readings

r1-Foreword to City of God
r2-Augustine: City of God--Book 19
r3-Selections from Aquinas
r4-Selections from Luther
r5-Selections from Luther (continued)
r6-Barth: Community State and Church
r7-Barth: Community State and Church (continued)
r8-Niebuhr: Theology and Political Thought
r9-Schneider: The Holy Commonwealth
r10-Wills: Under God--Religious Separatism
r11-Novak: The Influence of Judaism and Christianity
r12-Wills: Under God--Jefferson--The Uses of Religion
r13-Wills: Under God--Jefferson--The Protection of Religion
r14-Wills: Under God--Madison and the Honor of God
r15-Meacham: American Gospel--Chapter 2
r16-Witte: Publick Religion
r17-Tocqueville: Democracy in America
r18-Noonan: The Lustre of Our Country
r19-Lischer: The Preacher King
r20-King: Letter from Birmingham Jail

r21-Religion in American History
r22-Cone: Risks of Faith
r23-Supreme Court Opinions
r24-Supreme Court Opinions (continued)
r25-The Homosexual Movement

r26-Rogers: Sanctified Unions