Movies and Clips

Joan played by Mlle. 1900 Georges Melies, Jeanne d'Arc. Star Films (French). An historical reconstruction in twelve scenesCalviere.


1908 Albert Capellani, Jeanne d'Arc. Pathe (French). Joan played by Leontine Massart.


1917 Cecil B de Mille, Joan the Woman, Paramount (USA). Based on Schiller's Die Jungfrau von Orleans. Joan played by Geraldine Farrar.


1928 Carl Dreyer, La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc. Societe generale de Films (French). Historical advisor: Pierre Champion. Joan played by Renee (aka Maria) Falconetti.


1935 Gustav Ucicky, das Madchen Johanna. UFA (Germany). Joan played by Angela Salloker


1948 Victor Fleming, Joan of Arc. Production RKO (USA). Religious advisor: R.P. Donoceur. Based on Joan of Lorraine by Maxwell Anderson. Joan played by Ingrid Bergman. 


1957 Otto Preminger, Saint Joan. Wherel Productions (USA). Script by Graham Greene adapting the play of Bernard Shaw. French subtitles by Jean Anouilh. Jean played by Jean Seberg. 


1964 Jeanne en France: Director Jean Leherissey and based on the work of Regine Pernoud, this documentary provides superb factual data about Joan and her incredible journey.


1969 Seraphic Dialogue: Presents Martha Graham and her company in a dance interpretation of Joan of Arc. Seraphic Dialogue stage set designed by Isamu Noguchi for Martha Graham. Features Martha Graham as Joan of Arc at the moment of her exaltation when she looks back at the phases of her legend as a maiden, warrior, and martyr. A truely moving masterpiece.


1988 Joan of Arc: The Power and the Innocence: Original text by Pierre Moinot and directed by Pierre Badel. A powerful French miniseries that was aired on French television. Cecile Magnet as Joan.


1989 Giovanna d'Arco. Recorded in Bologna, Italy. NVC Arts in association with BBC TV from Teatro Comunale Di Bologna. Music by Giuseppe Verdi. Conducted by Riccardo Chailly. Directed by Werner Herzog and Henning von Gierke. This is the definitive opera dealing with Joan’s life in Italian. Joan played by Susan Dunn.


1989 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Directed by Stephen Herek. Starring Keanu Reeves. It provides and alternative view of the source of Joan's voices....Joan played by Jane Wiedlin.


1995 Jeanne d'Arc Museum in Rouen: Directed by La Communication par l'Image. The museum's personal biography of Joan's life on video. Much of the material was filmed in and around Rouen. Narrated by Bridgette Muller.


1995 Anniversary Jeanne d'Arc (in French): CGR Presente Jeanne d'Arc. Produced by Sarl Chareh. A French documentary commemorating Joan's extraordinary life.


1995 "Forever Knight" Episode: "For I Have Sinned" Directed by James O. Parriott. A recent TV show aired on the Sci-Fi Channel that portrays the vampire protagonist, Nick Knight, meeting Joan. Joan played by Tracey Cook.


1996 History Makers: Joan of Arc: Directed by Jeremy Freeston and written by Hilary Pooler. A Canadian commentary and reenactment of Joan's life. Joan played by Catherine Sage.


1997 Jacques Rivette-Jeanne la Pucelle: The Battles/The Prisons: An excellent version of Joan's life in two part, namely her military actions and her subsequent imprisonment. Joan played by Sandrine Bonnaire.