Joan Journal: Reading Responses

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Substantive, reflective responses and observations on the day's reading are the core of your work. These Reading Responses focus your reading, provoke class discussion, and provide a forum for enhancing writing skills. The quality of the Responses will determine 20% of your grade; Responses (no longer than one-half screen page in length, 11-point font) are thoughtful reflections full of specific gravity as well as precise queries on the day's readings: do not generalize, do not ask questions to which the answers can be located by careful reading.




Responses will be graded according to the following system. Do not try to translate into standard grades. These accumulate in force as they accrue:
Note well: written responses will account for 50% of your course grade
++           (excellent)
+√           (v good)
+              (good)
√+           (acceptable)
√              (submitted with forethought)
√-            (something submitted)
0              (no submission)