Math 3315 / CSE 3365: Scientific Computing

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Numerical Resources

1. Matlab will be essentially our programming language. It is always recommended that you start from its tutorial page if you are not that familiar with it. Also I linked two quick reference cards here, a short vsersion from Gan and a long versiton From Yu.

2. In many serious scientific computing, we need to write code in C/C++ and Fortran, which will be less convenient but much faster. Fortunately, almost all the popular numerical algorithms have been coded and carefully tested by numerical experts. what I can recommended here is Numerical Recipe. It provides not only the codes in C, C++ and Fortran, but also the explanations of the underlying numerical algorithms.

3. Solving linear algebra equations is extremely important in scientific computing. It also works as the last step of solving most scientific and engineering problems. The most frequently used software package in solving linear algebra equations is called LAPACK. This package is written in Fortran, which is so far still the most popular numerical programming language.

4. Matlab has been trying very hard to combine its own user-friendly interface and abundance in libraries with the efficiency of other programming language such as C/C++ and Fortran. Here is one of their solutions: Mex files. It is actually quite headache to use that, but maybe you will need it someday.