Teacher, a person who takes passing knowledge, presenting techniques, and solving puzzles as one's career.

---- Han, Yu (802 BC)

Teaching Activities

Teaching Philosophies

1. Teaching and research both deserve serious attention and effort, and they are closely linked.

Teaching requires face-to-face communication with students, making it a scientific work and a social activity. Teaching also helps to clarify and define ideas of the teacher herself. In addition, teaching helps to communicate more efficiently with people who are not mathematician, which is particularly important as our work is often interdisciplinary.

2. I will not only teach students mathematics but inspire them as well.

Being an instructor, I am not satisfied at simply delivering course material. More importantly, I try to improve students' ability and interest to learn. For example, I often give historical background and interesting stories. I also check students' majors and give them related examples. Sometimes, I ask their expert advice on questions from their specialty. Students feel more confident by teaching me, and I learn from them too.

3. I will be a very patient instructor and always encourage students.

Some students will have difficulties in understanding the material. I would explain things to them as many times as they need. These students need the help most, and patience from their instructor will sustain them in finishing their studies. Encouragement is also critical. When students realize they are making progress, accomplishing tasks, and being recognized, they eager to learn. I often show my encouragement by congratulating their progresses after tests, either directly talking to them or writing a note on their paper.

4. I will be happy, humorous, and passionate in teaching.

Every day, I have new experience and my mood varies. However, before I enter the classroom, I usually will stop at the door for a second and try to enter with smiles. Students come to my class with their trust and they deserve a happy heart. Keeping this in mind, my sense of humor will come out naturally, which is my students' favorite part.

5. I will always be well prepared.

Good preparation brings an effective, smooth and organized lecture, which is the key to keep students focused. In addition, we need to plan how to help students understand the material from their perspective, which requires careful preparation. By projecting myself into their shoes, I lead them to understand difficult material.

Teaching Statement