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May 31, 2008: Graduation Party

We will be holding our first graduation party on SMU's campus in Second Life on May 31, 1:00pm - 6:00pm (CST).  

The objective is to give graduating and incoming students a chance to meet each other even though they are not on campus.  Furthermore, we'd like to introduce the SMU community to the Second Life campus and experience it when there are other people there.  And, of course we want to celebrate graduation and have some fun ;-)

For those new to Second Life, there will be volunteers to show them the ropes.  Please register for Second Life ahead of time and complete the 20-30 minute orientation, which is part of the registration process. Then visit the SMU campus ahead of time to get a lay of  the land and pick up some of the freebies, like the SMU jeans and t-shirt. You'll find them at the beach. 

Some of the activities students and alumni can participate in include:

- meeting old friends and making new ones

- getting a graduation gown to wear and a cap that can be thrown in the air and retrieved

- picking up a free "Class of 2008" Teddy Bear (see pictures below)

- playing whack-a-mole: see whether you can beat the highest score

- eating popcorn and ice-cream

- tubing: we'll have a races with prizes

- dancing to either the radio or a live DJ

- viewing videos and pictures from of life on the SMU campus

All 'round, it should be a lot of fun!

In the event that you cannot teleport onto SMU island, please use the following Teleport point on our neighboring island, IT World, which belongs to the University of Houston:

You should then be able to walk across the carnival to SMU island. Also, please IM Uskla Igaly in-world if you have any problems.

Here is the Program (under construction):

Time (CST) Time (SLT) Event Description Location
1:00pm 11:00am Party Starts - meet and greet Display areas on the Boulevard
1:15pm 11:15am Movie Trivia Quiz - win L$25 to L$100 Conference Room in Dallas Hall
1:45pm 11:45am SMU Trivia Quiz - win L$25 to L$100 Conference Room in Dallas Hall
2:15pm 12:15pm Tubing Race - winner gets L$100 Beach
3:00pm 1:00pm A-Mazing Race - winning team gets L$500 Glass Maze
3:30pm 1:30pm Dance to live DJ: Autumn Beaver Beach
4:00pm 2:00pm Tubing Race - winner gets L$100 Beach

Please follow the instructions on the "Getting Started" page. We highly recommend that you register for Second Life and also visit the SMU island ahead of the Graduation Party. This will improve your experience at the Graduation Party as the features of the island will be in cache and therefore "rez" (or load) more quickly.

Also, please sign up for one of the two SMU groups: Southern Methodist University or SMU-Cox.  Instructions are included on the "Getting Started" page.

Get your Graduation Gown and Cap with a tassel reflecting your degree (drab, gold, pink, yellow...) and when you touch your cap, it goes flying into the air ... don't worry: it will find your head again shortly afterwards

Get your Graduation Teddy

See whether you can get the highest score at Whack-A-Mole

Compete in the Inner Tube Race ... which will go all the way to Baylor Island and could win you L$ 100!

Dance to Autumn Beaver, a live DJ from 3:30-5:30pm (CST)

Play Arcade Games like Phrase Invaders and Zombie ... either alone or in direct competition with your friends

Ride Bumper Cars with your Friends

Compete in the A-Mazing team relay race through the Glass Maze and split the L$ 500 team prize if you win

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