Please bring me to the Grand Hotel. The address is:208 Guangzhou Road.


请带我去古南都 宾馆。 地址是:广州路208号。




Please bring me to Nansha Hotel, Nanjing Normal University. The address is:122 Ninghai Road.


请带我去南京师范大学南山 宾馆。 地址是:宁海路122号。



Is this train going to Nanjing City?





Is this bus going to Nanjing City?





Can you please tell me where I can find a taxi? Can you bring me there?





Can you please tell me where Gate 19 is? How to get there please?


请问19 在哪里? 怎样走?



Where is the menís room (toilet) please?




Men (Males) =




Where is the womenís room (toilet) please?




Women (Females) =




This is an emergency Please help me by calling the 110.


紧急 情况!请帮我打110


In China, emergency is 110, not 911.