Working Papers




  1. "Strategic Immigration Policies"  (with M. Fujita).

  2. "Stable Partitions in a Model with Group-Dependent Feasible Sets" (with M. Le Breton).

  3. "Language Disenfranchisement in the European Union" (with V.Ginsburgh).

  4. "Harmonization Policies: The Impact on Environment and Welfare" (with H. Wiesmeth)

  5. "Secession-Proof Cost Allocations and Stable Group Structures in Models of Horizontal Differentiation"(with M. Le Breton)





  1. "A Linkage between Indices of  Unity and Polarization" (with O. Haimanko and M.Le Breton).  

  2. "Group Formation in Strategic Environments without Widespread Externalities" (with M. Le Breton).

  3. "Balance of Power in Electoral Competition with Rank-Dependent Preferences". 

  4. "Language Diversity and Disenfranchisement " (with V. Ginsburgh and I. Ortuno-Ortin).  

  5. "On Stability of Nations" (with M. Le Breton and I. Ortuno-Ortin).

  6. "Equilibrium and Welfare Analysis of Network Competition" (with A.Soubeyran and K.Suzumura).

  7. "Composition of Spending and the Architecture of a Cabinet"  (with A. Rubinchik-Pesach).

  8. "Can Revenue Sharing Improve Welfare in a Federation?" (with J. Hindricks)

  9. "Stable Coalition Structures in Public Good Economies with Group-Dependent Cost Functions"   (with H. Wiesmeth).