Sabri Ates


Ph.D. Thesis

  1. “Empires at the Margins: Towards a History of the Ottoman-Iranian Borderland and the Borderland Peoples,” New York University, MEIS-History, 2006 Middle East Studies Association Dissertation Prize in Humanities

Areas of Interest:

Ottoman-Iranian Relations, Kurdish History, Late Ottoman Empire, Sectarianism in the Middle East, Borderlands


  1. Forthcoming:

  2. Book: Sheikh Abdulkadir Nehri (d. 1925) and the Pursuit of an Independent Kurdistan,” working manuscript. 

  3. Articles: “1639 Treat of Zohab: The Founding Myth or the Foundational Document.” (Iranian Studies, 2017)

  4. “The Sheikh Ubeidullah Rebellion of 1880” in Garreth Stansfield, (ed.) Kurdish Question Revisited (Hurst & Co., 2017)

  5. Sectarianism in Ottoman-Iranian Relations


  1. The Ottoman-Iranian Borderlands: Making a Boundary, 1843-1914  (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013).

  2. Tunalı Hilmi Bey: Osmanlıdan Cumhuriyete Bir Aydın (Tunalı Hilmi Bey: An Intellectual Journey  From the Empire to the Republic), Istanbul: Tarih Vakfı Yurt Yayınları, 2009.



  1. General Introduction” with Djene R. Bajalan to Records of the Kurds: Territory, Revolts and Nationalism, 1831-1979, (12 volumes), Cambridge Archive Editions.

  1. “In the name of the caliph and the nation: The Sheikh Ubeidullah Rebellion of 1880-81” in Iranian Studies,  (2014), Vol. 47, No. 5, 735-798.

  1. Millet ve Halife Yolunda: Şeyh Ubeydullah-e Nehri Isyanı, I, II, III, Kürt Tarih Dergisi, Numbers. 7, 8, 9, 2013.

  1. “Bones of Contention: Corpse Traffic and Iranian-Ottoman Rivalry in Iraq,” Comparative Studies of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East 30,  3,( 2010): 512-532. [Persian translation by Nazli Kamvari,  in Irannameh 26, no. 1-2, pp. 1-30.]

  1. "Oryantalizm ve Bizim Doğu" (Orientalism and Our East), Doğudan, Vol. 1, Issue 1, September 2007. (for access please go to the Blog section of this webpage)

  1. “The Ottoman Archives as a Source for the Study of Qajar Iran,” Iranian Studies, Volume 37, number 3, September 2004, pp. 499-509. [Persian translation by Nasrollah Salehi, in Faslnameh-e Tarikh-e Moaser-e Iran (Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies), no. 35/pp. 79-96]

Grants and Awards

  1. 2017-2018    National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship

  2. 2016  Maguire Center Course Development Grant, SMU

  3. 2014, Godbey Authors’ Award, SMU

  4. 2013, Deans Research Council Grant, Dedman College, SMU

  5. 2012, Fellow, Texas Project for Human Rights Education

  6. 2009-2010, Koç University, RCAC Senior Residential Fellowship

  7. 2009-2010, University Research Council Grant, SMU

  8. 2009-2010, ARIT, Juokowsky Family Foundation John Freely Fellowship

  9. 2006, Middle East Studies Association, Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award in Humanities

  10. 2006, HOPE Teaching Award, SMU

  11. 2002-2003, Deans Pre-Dissertation and Pre-Doctoral Fellowships, New York University

  12. 2001, ARIT, Dissertation Fellowship

  13. 2000, Skilleter Centre for Ottoman Studies Fellowship, Cambridge University

Background Map:

  1. An Ottoman map of the Ottoman-Iranian frontier, based on the frontier commissioner Dervish Pasha’s notes.



Associate Professor

Clements Department of History

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas


Educational Background

  1. Ph.D. New York University 

  2. M.A. University of Ankara

  3. B.A. Middle East Technical University, Ankara