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ANTH 3346-701

Culture and Diversity in American Life

Washington, DC -- Smithsonian

Washington, D.C. -- Smithsonian

Map of USA

Taos, NM - Taos Mountain Casino

Taos, NM -- Taos Mountain Casino

ANTH 3346-701C

 Culture and Diversity in American Life


Fall 2009    Fondren Science Bldg. 123 Tuesday 6:30 p.m. to 9:20 p.m.

Prof. Robert V. Kemper   405 Heroy Bldg.   phone: 214-768-2928    email:

Office hours: by prior appointment

Course Description: An overview of contemporary U.S. culture, with an emphasis on how diversity (e.g.,ethnicity, class, religion, and gender) is expressed in communities, in regions, and in the nation. Fulfills co-curricular requirement for Diversity.




 Learning Outcomes (see Syllabus)

Readings List Appreciative Inquiry Exercise Map Quiz Study Guide
  "Appreciative" Inquiry Results Guide for the "Tour of Dallas"
Midterm Exam Questions SMU Service Learning Presentation "Ten Things" Results
    "Dallas at the Crossroads"
American History Timeline (Smithsonian Institution) U.S.-Mexico Borders  "The Two Nations of Black America"
  U.S. Border Counties data (2000 census) "Winds of Change"
Ethnic and Multicultural History Kemper -- "Borders" "Do You Speak American?"
Map of Reservations (BIA)   "Surviving the Dust Bowl"
DISD and Segregation Resources Julie Adkins, "The View from the Front Desk" "Halstead Street"
    "People Like Us"
Final Examination American Religious Groups "The Forgotten Americans"
  Mapping Religious Groups in America "The Lemon Grove Incident"
  2009 ARIS Faith Survey report (USA Today) "Being Hmong Means Being Free"
  "Faith-Based Community Organizations" (Urban Anthropology 35(2-3), 2006 Alistair Cooke's "America" -- "The Huddled Masses" episode 9
  The Pluralism Project (Diana Eck, Harvard Divinity School) "The Power of Harmony"
    "Number Our Days"