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Research Interests in Applied Mathematics
singular perturbation methods
ordinary and partial differential equations
matched asymptotic expansions
boundary layers
multiple scales
nonlinear dynamical systems
slow transitions
subharmonic resonances
homoclinic orbits
nonlinear wave motion
dispersive waves
multiphase waves
mathematical models
fluid dynamics
traffic flow
hydrodynamic stability
critical layers
defects in fiber optics



B.S. in Applied Mathematics, M.I.T., June 1967
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, M.I.T., September 1971
Professional Experience
Southern Methodist University
Professor of Mathematics (1985-present), Associate Professor (1978-1985)
The Ohio State University (1977-1978)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Rutgers University (1972-1977)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
University of California, San Diego (1971-1972)
Post-doctoral research, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
Lecturer, Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences


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        Translated from Trudy Instituta Mathematiki i Mekhaniki UrO RAN (2003)..

Ph.D. Students

1.     Ren-ji Sun (Ph.D., SMU, 1984) Thesis entitled "Caustics for dispersive waves: asymptotics of nonlinear Schrodinger
        equation and its Riemann-Hilbert problems".
2.     Darrell Allgaier (Ph.D., SMU, 1986) Thesis entitled "Wave number shocks for the tail of Korteweg-deVries solitary
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        dispersive waves and connections across a separatrix".
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        homoclinic orbits".
5.     Jerry D. Brothers (Ph.D., SMU, 1995) Thesis entitled "Sequence of subharmonic resonances
        and slow separatrix crossing".
6.     David C. Diminnie (Ph.D., SMU, 2000) Thesis entitled "Slow passage through homoclinic orbits associated with the
        unfolding of a saddle-center bifurcation"

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