Department of Statistical Science

Southern Methodist University


Professional Honors and Awards

Sheth Foundation Award for the Best Article Published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (2005, with T.J. Brown, T.E. Barry, and P.A. Dacin)

American Statistical Association's Founder's Award (1999)

American Statistical Association Award for the Most Outstanding Statistical Application. (1994, with N.A. Kelly)

Frank Wilcoxon Award for Best Practical Application Paper Published in Technometrics: (1994, with N.A. Kelly)

Donald B. Owen Research Award, San Antonio Chapter, American Statistical Association (1991)

Distinguished Author's Award, University Lecture Series, Southern Methodist University (1990)

Senior Fellow, Institute for the Study of Earth and Man, Southern Methodist University (1988)

Fellow, American Statistical Association (1985)

W. J. Youden Award for Best Expository Paper Published in Technometrics: (1985, with R. L. Mason); (1974, with J. T. Webster and R. L. Mason)

SIGMA XI Research Award (1983), Southern Methodist University

Statistical Education Section Award (1988) for the Most Outstanding Contributed Paper Presentation at the Annual American Statistical Association Meetings

Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences Award (1979) for the Most Outstanding Contributed Paper Presentation at the Annual American Statistical Association Meetings


Offices and Professional Committees

Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory Expert Peer Review Panel on the Effects of Intermediate Ethanol Blends on Legacy Peer Review Panel on the Effects of Intermediate Ethanol Blends on Legacy Vehicles (2008).

American Statistical Association: Committee on Fellows (2003-2005), Chair (2005); Editor Search Committee, Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics (2004); Board of Directors (1996-1998); Joint Statistical Meetings Advisory Committee (2000-2001); Publications Committee (1999-2001); Planning Committee (1997-1998); Committee on Meetings (1995-1997); Chair, Section on Quality and Productivity, (1994); Chair, Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, (1988), Executive Board (1983-1989); Chair, Search Committee for Editors of The American Statistician and STATS (1993); Committee on Nominations (1986, 1987)

National Academy of Sciences Committee to Review Federal Estimates of the Relationship of Vehicle Weight to Fatality and Injury Risk (1996)

National Science Foundation Statistics and Probability Screening Panel (1995, 1996)

Panel for Applied Mathematics, Board of Assessment of National Institute of Standards and Technology Programs, National Research Council (1986-1992)

American Society for Testing and Materials, Committee E-11 on Statistical Methods (1985-1990)

Coordinating Committee, Institutional Members of the American Statistical Association (1981-1984); Chair (1983)

Regional Advisory Board, Biometric Society (ENAR), (1981-1983)

North Texas Chapter, American Statistical Association: President (1981-1982), A.S.A. Council Representative (1981-1982), Vice-President (1979-1980), Program Chair (1978-1979), Secretary (1973-1976)   

Editor, ASA-SIAM Series on Statistics and Applied Probability (1999-2000); Associate Editor, Technometrics (1992-2000); Associate Editor, The American Statistician (1990-1993); Associate Editor, Communications in Statistics (1991-1994 ), Editorial Board (1985-1991); Awards Committee, Technometrics' Wilcoxon and Youden Prizes (1980-1991); Editorial Board, Committee on Mathematical Tables, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (1974-1976)

Books and Chapters

Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments, Second Edition.  New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. (2003). (with J. L. Hess and R. L. Mason)

"Magnetic Field Quality Investigations for Superconducting Super Collider Magnets”, Chapter 6 in Statistics in Quality, S. Gupta et al. Eds.. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc. (1996). (with W. R. Schucany)

How to Construct Fractional Factorial Experiments. Milwaukee, WI: The American Society for Quality Control (1991). (with R. L. Mason)

Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments.  New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. (1989). (with J. L. Hess and R. L. Mason)

Regression Analysis and Its Application: A Data-Oriented Approach.  New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc. (1980). (with R. L. Mason)

Research Grants and Contracts

“Statistical Innovations Sub-core of the Neuroimaging and Biomarkers Project for the Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Research Program,” U.S. Veterans Administration, 2007-2009. Principal Investigator with W.R. Schucany.

“A Project to Investigate Innovative Ways of Analyzing Neuro-Imaging Data and the Associated Records of Human Subjects,” University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Principal Investigator with W.R. Schucany 2004-2005. Principal Investigator with W.A. Woodward and W.R. Schucany 2002-2007.

"Statistical Examination of Climatological Data Relevant to Global Temperature Variation," Office of Energy Research, Department of Energy, 1990-1996. Principal Investigator with H. L. Gray and W. A. Woodward.

"Magnetic Field Quality Project for the SSC," University Research Association, Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory, 1992-1993. Principal Investigator with W. R. Schucany.

"Crop Area Estimation Based on Remotely Sensed Data with an Accurate but Costly Subsample," National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1983-1985.

"Biased Estimation in Regression," Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Air Force Systems Command, USAF, 1975-1980.

"The Development of Statistical Procedures Useful in the Analysis of Pollution Data", Mobil Research and Development Corporation, 1974.


Refereed Publications

"Density Functions of the Bivariate Chi-square Distribution," Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 2 (1973), 275-288 (with J. T. Webster).

"On Computing Critical Points for a Bivariate Chi-square Random Variable," Communications in Statistics, 2 (1973), 221-224.

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