Ronald Butler

C.F. Frensley Professor of Mathematical Sciences

Department of Statistical Science 



Department of Statistical Science
Southern Methodist University
3225 Daniels Avenue  (75205)
P O Box 750332 (75275)
Dallas TX 75275-0332
214-768-1426, 214-768-4035  fax    
B.S. (1972, cum laude) College of Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.   Major: Applied Mathematics, Minor: Engineering Physics. Sigma, Dean's List 5 times

Ph.D. (1977) Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.   Major: Statistics. Academic Honors: Rackham Scholar.

      Research Interests                                                Teaching

  • Survival Analysis
  • Special Functions & Complex Variables
  • Systems Theory & Stochastic Networks
  • Likelihood & Bayesian Inference
  • Saddlepoint Methods
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Reliability Theory
  • Bootstrap and Robustness
  • Electrical engineering applications
  • Ocean engineering applications
  • STAT 2331
  • STAT 4340
  • STAT 6370 -- Stochastic Models


Selected Publications

Butler, R. W. and Paige, R. L. (2011).  Exact distributional computations for Roy's statistic and the largest eigenvalue of a Wishart distribution.  Statistics and Computing, 21, 147-157.

Butler, R. W. and Abd-Elfattah (2011).  Tests for symmetry with right censoring.  Journal of Applied Statistics, 38, 683-693.

Butler, R. W., Pagie, R. L. and Chapman, P. L.  (2011).  Small sample LD-50 confidence intervals using saddlepoint approximations.  Journal of the American Statistical Association, 106, 334-344.

Butler, R. W. and Abd-Elfattah (2009).  Log-rank permutation tests for trend: Saddlepoint p-values and survival rate confidence intervals.  Canadian Journal of Statistics, 17, 5-16.

Butler, R. W. , Machado, U. B. and Bychlik, I. (2009).  Distribution of wave crests in non-Gaussian sea.  Applied Ocean Research 31, 57-64.

Butler, R. W. and Paolella, M.S. (2008).  Uniform saddlepoint approximations for ratios of quadratic forms.  Bernoulli 14, 140-154.

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