Casualty Count & Cost of the War

The link below will take you to a website dedicated to tracking the number of casualties for citizens of the USA, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It also details Contractor casualties. The list for America goes back until March 2003. The website also breaks down casualties by gender, race, service, base, divisions, etc. and gives as much detail about the individual casualties.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

The link below is the defense link website for the Department of Defense, it is called their "Fallen Warrior" page. If you click on the links on the page, it will download an excel spreadsheet of said "Fallen Warriors."

Defense Link's Fallen Warriors

The link below will take you to a chart of US and coalition military fatalities that have occurred since the war began. Their mission is to continue this project until the war ends. It's not as up to date as the other sites but it is a visually interactive website and is very powerful to watch the number of fatalities increase.

Iraq War Coalition Fatalities

The link below takes you to the cost of the war updated every second. You can watch as the amount in dollars increases. Or you can adjust it to a specific area in the US. It is a very interesting website to watch as more and more money is poured into the war.

The Cost of the War

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