Join Us

Undergraduate Researcher

Know how to programming? Want to take the challenge from the computational world in chemistry and biology? Think about joining us!

Undergraduate students who are motivated in learning quantum chemistry, molecular modeling and simulation of biomolecules are welcome to apply. Those who have strong background in computer programming and want to contribute to the development of macromolecular modeling package are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Ph.D. Student

We are looking for Ph.D. students with strong interest in computer modeling of protein structures and mechanisms using quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics and related methodology development to start in the next Fall. Candidates with strong interest and background in scientific programing or scripting using FORTRAN, C, PERL, or Python etc., are strongly encouraged to apply. In our group, a Ph.D. student will have opportunity to conduct research in both application and methodology development in computational chemistry and biology. Both skills are critical for future success in academia and industry.

Please email Prof. Tao (email) for additional information.