Interpolation Error-Based A Posteriori Error Estimation for Two-Point Boundary Value Problems and Parabolic Equations in One Space Dimension

I derive a posteriori error estimates for two-point boundary value problems and parabolic equations in one dimension based on interpolation error estimates.  The interpolation error estimates are obtained from an extension of the error formula for the Lagrange interpolating polynomial in the case of symmetrically-spaced interpolation points.  From this formula pointwise and H^1 seminorm a priori estimates of the interpolation error are derived.  The interpolant in conjunction with the a priori estimates is used to obtain asymptotically exact a posteriori error estimates of the interpolation error.  These a posteriori error estimates are extended to linear two-point boundary value problems and parabolic equations. Computational results demonstrate the convergence of a posteriori error estimates and their effectiveness when combined with an hp-adaptive code for solving parabolic systems.