SYLLABUS - MATH 5316/CSE 7366 - SPRING 2006

Instructor: Peter K.  Moore
Office: 208A Clements Hall, 8-1779
Office Hours: 10:00-11:30 TR

Lecture Hours: 2:00-3:20 TR, 126 Clements Hall

Text: Numerical Linear Algebra - Trefethen and Bau

Grading Policy: Homework (60%), Tests (40%).
There will be two tests, a midterm (Friday, March 10) and a final (Monday, May 8, 11:30-2:30), each worth 20% of the course grade. The final will not be cumulative.
You may NOT, under any circumstance, discuss homework problems with anyone other than me.  The  SMU HONOR CODE will be strictly enforced.

Disability Accomodations - If you need academic accomodations for a disability you must first contact Rebecca Marin, Coordinator, Services for Students with Disabilities (214-768-4563) to verify the disability and to establish eligibility for accomodation.  Then please talk with me to work out appropriate arrangements. The order will be Lectures 1-5, 20,21, 23, 12-15, 22, 6-11, 16-19, and 24-30. I will be supplementing the material in the text, especially in Chapter IV.