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ECO 5341 Strategic Behavior

Lecture 1

Normal Form, Strict and Weak Dominance, Nash Equilibrium

Lecture 2

Simultaneous Move Games with Continuum of Actions

Lecture 3

Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium

Lecture 4

Price Competition with Homogenous and Differentiated Products

Lecture 5

Cournot Quantity Competition

and Collusion

Lecture 6

Public Goods and Tragedy of the Commons

Lecture 7

Extensive Form Games

Entry Game, Sequential Bargaining

Lecture 8

Two Stage Games with Perfect Information

Lecture 9

Infinitely Repeated Games:

Collusion Revisited

Lecture 10

Infinitely Repeated Games:

Tit-for-Tat, Pavlov

Lecture 11

Static Bayesian Games




ECO 7302, Topics in Economic Theory



         Lecture 1: Adverse Selection, Hidden Information, Screening

o   Application: Optimal Income Taxation

o   Application: Regulation


         Lecture 2: Hidden Information: Signaling

o   Application: Dividend Policy as a Signal of Profitability


         Lecture 3: Hidden Action: Moral Hazard

o   Application: Managerial Incentive Contracting

o   Application: Risky Debt as Optimal Contract


         Lecture 4: Multidimensional incentive problem

o   Application: Multiple Tasks and Effort Substitution

o   Application: Moral Hazard with Conflicting Tasks


         Lecture 5: Multi-agent Moral Hazard, Collusion and Auditing

o   Moral Hazard in Teams with Observable Outputs

o   Application: Auditing


         Lecture 6: Career Concerns

o   Trade-off between talent risk and incentives

Special Topics


         Lecture 7: Markets and Private Information: Two Standard Models of Informed Trading

o   Competitive Noisy Rational Expectations Framework

o   Strategic Informed Trader


         Lecture 8: Economics of Expert Services (Credence Goods)

o   When do experts cheat and whom do they target


         Lecture 9: Certification Intermediaries

o   Application: Credit Rating Agencies