June 2014

Shannon was named one of ten semifinalists in the American Chemical Society's "Chemistry Champions" science communication competition (LINK).

May 2014

Congratulations to Brad Davis for graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry! He will be attending the University of Southern Mississippi for graduate school starting in August!


The Tsarevsky group focuses on the synthesis of polymers with controlled molecular weight and architecture and precise placement of specific functionalities, e.g., redox-sensitive groups and groups undergoing (bio)degradation. Of particular interest are polymers with biomedical applications such as controlled delivery and imaging. Controlled/“living” radical polymerization techniques are chiefly employed by the group. Mechanistic studies, including determination of kinetic and thermodynamic reaction parameters are also carried out that enable the rational selection of polymerization conditions (e.g., catalyst or initiating system) for the synthesis of well-defined polymers with desired structures.

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