I am interested in working with undergraduate and graduate students on projects in literary theory and 19th and 20th-c literature and culture, whether in modernism, postmodernism, American poetics, aesthetics, film, or diaspora. Please see below for some of the courses I have previously taught (click on select titles for syllabi PDFs).

Graduate Seminars:

ENGL 6339: American Modernism

ENGL 7350: 20th-Century American Poetry

Undergraduate Courses for English Majors:

ENGL 4363: Contemporary Poetry: Art and Artifacts

ENGL 4360: Modern American Poetry, 1900-1950

ENGL 3381: Semiotics of Culture: Representing Diaspora

ENGL 3310: Contemporary Approaches to Literature

ENGL 2315: Introduction to Literary Study

ENGL 2306: Interpreting, Understanding, Doubting, Honors Program


Lisa Siraganian