Lisa Siraganian

Curriculum Vitae

Link to .pdf of CV


Johns Hopkins University. English and American Literature. M.A. 2000, Ph.D. 2004

            (George E. Owen Dean’s Fellowship. Dean’s Teaching Fellowship)

Oxford University. Faculty of English Language and Literature. B.A. 1997

            (First Class Honors, I. Exeter College Fitzgerald Prize)

Williams College. Honors in English Literature. B.A. 1995

            (Summa cum laude. Elizabeth Shumway Prize in English. Phi Beta Kappa junior year)

Academic and Administrative Positions

Associate Director. Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute. Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX). 2013-

Associate Professor. English Department. Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX). 2012-

Assistant Professor. English Department. Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX). 2005-12

National and Residential Fellowships

American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Cambridge, MA). Visiting Scholar. 2011-2012.

University at Buffalo. Humanities Institute (Buffalo, NY). Charles D. Abbott Library Research Fellow. Summer 2009.

Dartmouth College. Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow. Leslie Center for the Humanities and English Department. (Hanover, NH). 2003-2005

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. National Humanities Graduate Fellowship. 1997-1998.



Modernism's Other Work: The Art Object's Political Life. New York: Oxford University Press, January 2012. 272 pages.

Challenges deeply held critical beliefs about the meaning—in particular the political meaning—of modernism’s commitment to the work of art as an object detached from the world. Ranging over works of poetry, fiction, painting, sculpture, and film, the book argues that modernism’s core aesthetic problem—the artwork’s status as an object and a subject’s relation to it—poses fundamental questions of agency, freedom, and politics.;

Reviewed in Radical Philosophy 177 (Jan/Feb 2013): 52-54, and Nonsite 8 (Jan 20, 2013):

**Shortlisted for the Modernist Studies Association Book Prize

Articles and Book Chapters

“Speculating on an Art Movement: Gertrude Stein’s The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.” Modern Fiction Studies 59 (Fall 2013): 591-609.

“The Problem with Post-1955 Art as Literature.” Invited response essay to Ann Middleton Wagner, A House Divided: American Art Since 1955 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012). “The Tank,” (July 24, 2012).

“Ang Lee and James Schamus’s Neo-Indies: The Ultimate Movie Machine.” Post45: Peer Reviewed (December 20, 2011).

“Wallace Stevens’s Fascist Dilemmas and Free Market Resolutions.” American Literary History 23:2 (Summer 2011): 337-361.

“‘A Disciplined Nostalgia’: William Gaddis and the Modern Art Object.” In William Gaddis, “The Last of Something,” ed. Crystal Alberts, Christopher Leise and Birger Vanwesenbeeck. Jefferson: McFarland, 2010. 101-114.

“Modern Glass: How Williams Reframed Duchamp’s Window.” The William Carlos Williams Review 28:1-2 (2008): 117-139.

**Awarded the Walter Scott Peterson Prize for Best Essay, 2008.

“Telling a Horror Story, Conscientiously: Representing the Armenian Genocide from Open House to Ararat.” In Image and Territory: New Essays on Atom Egoyan, ed. Monique Tschofen and Jennifer Burwell. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2007. 133-156.

“Out of Air: Theorizing the Art Object in Gertrude Stein and Wyndham Lewis.” Modernism/Modernity 10:4 (2003): 657-676.

“‘Is This My Mother’s Grave?’: Genocide and Diaspora in Atom Egoyan’s Family Viewing.” Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies 6:2 (1997): 127-154.

Work in Progress


CorpoHumanism: Literary Theories of Corporate Personhood.

Awards and Honors

Modernist Studies Association Book Prize, shortlist of 3. 2013.

Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute. Southern Methodist University. Inaugural Faculty Seminar Co-leader and Faculty Fellow, “The Concept of Agency,” 2012-13.

Dedman College Dean’s Research Council Grant. Southern Methodist University. 2011.

Sam Taylor Fellowship Grant for image reproductions and permissions for Modernism’s Other Work. 2010.

National Humanities Center (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina). Summer Institute in Literary Studies Seminar led by Louis Menand. Selected participant. 2010.

Walter Scott Peterson Prize for Best Essay in The William Carlos Williams Review, 2008.

Undergraduate Research Council. Travel and Research Grants. Southern Methodist University. 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011.

Dean’s Teaching Fellowship. Johns Hopkins University. 2002.

Center for Research on Culture and Literature Prize Fellowship. Johns Hopkins University. 2000-2001.

George E. Owen Dean’s Fellowship. Johns Hopkins University. 1997-2002.

Johns Hopkins University Fellowships. Johns Hopkins University. 1997-2001.

Exeter College Fitzgerald Prize. Oxford University. 1997.

Horace F. Clark Prize Fellowship. Williams College. 1995-1996.

Teaching Experience

See teaching link for sample syllabi from some of the 15 different graduate and undergraduate courses taught at Johns Hopkins University, Dartmouth College, and Southern Methodist University.

Leadership and Service


Executive Committee, Division on Literature and Other Arts. Modern Language Association. 2013-2018.

Reviewer of manuscript submissions for Continuum Books, Penguin Academic, MLA, American Literary History, Canadian Journal of Film Studies, Cinema Journal, Modern Philology, Paideuma, Post45. Ongoing.

Grant Reviewer. The Research Foundation (Flanders, FWO). 2011-present.

Co-Founder and Leader. DFW Working Group (research and writing seminar for Dallas area junior faculty working in the humanities). 2009-present.

Academic Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee. Zoryan Institute (Toronto, ON). 2004-2008.

University and College

Search Committee, Altshuler Interdisciplinary Centennial Professor in Cities, Regions, and Globalization. Dedman College, SMU. 2013-14.

Dean’s Task Force on Teaching Evaluation Data. Dedman College, SMU. 2013-

Interdisciplinary Joint Appointment Task Force. Dedman College, SMU. 2013-

President’s Commission on the Status of Women. Office of the President, SMU. 2006-2009

Departmental Leadership and Service

Michael Pueppke Prize Committee. English Department, SMU. 2012-2013.

Executive Committee. English Department, SMU. 2012-

Graduate Budget Committee. English Department, SMU. 2012-2013.

Job Placement Advisor. English Department, SMU. 2012-2013

Job Placement Committee. English Department, SMU. 2013-

Graduate Studies Committee. English Department, SMU. 2006-2011, 2012-

Graduate Admissions Committee. English Department, SMU. 2007-2011.

Dissertation Advisor. Director and committee member. English Department, SMU. 2012-

Graduate Mentor. English Department, SMU. 2010-

English Major Advising. English Department, SMU. 2006-

Conference Talks and Invited Lectures

Over 45 conference presentations and invited lectures since 2000 at (for example) MLA, MSA, ALA, Narrative, SCMS, and at CUNY, Emory University, Oberlin College, UC Santa Barbara, University of Rochester, York University, Concordia University, UC Irvine, and Harvard University.