Curriculum Vita

Lori Ann Stephens, Ph.D.  
email: lori (at) smu (dot) com
 E D U C A T I O N 
Doctor of Philosophy, Aesthetic Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas, Summer 2003  
Dissertation:  A Study of the Literary Grotesque in Motherhood: The Southern Woman’s Search for Love 
Major Fields: Fiction Writing, African American and White Motherhood in American Literature, History of American Feminism
	Committee:  Robert Nelsen, Dennis Kratz, Susan Branson, Theresa Towner

Master of Arts, Studies in Literature, The University of Texas at Dallas, 1999 1999		Theses: “A Look at Thirteen Ways of a Poem;  A New Reading of  	  		Steven’s ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’” and
		“From Myth to Propaganda: Graffigny’s Novel Revisited”

Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Literary Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas, May 1993   

T E A C H I N G   F I E L D S
Creative Writing, Rhetoric/Composition, Southern Literature, Nineteenth and Twentieth-century American Literature, African American Literature, Humanities, Feminist Texts
Interview with Literary Novelist Matt Bondurant. Glimmer Train Stories. Ed. Linda  Swanson-Davies.  Portland: Glimmer Train Press, Forthcoming (2012-13). 
Song of the Orange Moons.  Austin: Blooming Tree Press, 2010. 
In Park Hill.  Completed novel manuscript under agent review.
Invisible.  Completed Young Adult novel manuscript under agent review.
Evariste.  Libretto. Composer: Helgi Ingvarrson. London premiere, 2014.
The Lingerer.  Winner of English National Opera contest. Composer: Max Perryment..
Scholarly Work:
 The Literary Grotesque and Motherhood: Mothers and Daughters in Southern Literature.  Germany 2008. 
Short Stories:
“We Cry for Us.”  Glimmer Train Stories.  Issue 51.  Ed. Linda Swanson-Davies.  Portland: Glimmer Train Press, 2004. 
“Horse Heavy.”  Sudden Stories: A Mammoth Anthology of Minuscule Fiction.  Ed. Dinty W. Moore.  Pennsylvania:  Mammoth Press, 2003.
 “The Epidural.”  The Blue Moon Review.  Ed.  Tem Montgomery.  April ,2002.
 “After Five Months.” Suddenly IV; Prose, Poetry & Sudden Fiction.  Ed. Jackie Pelham.  Houston: Stone River Press, 2001.
“After Five Months.” Reprint in Aries.  Ed. Thom D. Chesney.  Fort Worth: Texas Wesleyan University, 2001.
 “Hotel du Brésil.” Illya’s Honey.  Winter, 2000.
“Grapevine,” “Horse Heavy,” “Period.” Sojourn 12. 1999.
Gillespie, Sheena, and Robert Singleton.  Across Cultures: A Reader for Writers.  Fifth Edition. New York: Longman, 2003.
Hoffman, Catherine A, and Andrew I Hoffman.  The Main Event.  New York:  Prentice Hall, 2003.
Gray, Acia.  The Souls of Your Feet: Tap Dance Guidebook for Rhythm Explorers.  In Review of Texas Books.  Volume XIV, 1999.
English, Sarah Jane.  Sharing is Unnatural & Other Amusing Notions.  In Review of Texas Books  Volume XIV, 1999.
T E A C H I N G   E X P E R I E N C E
Faculty, Lecturer
First-Year Writing Program, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Rhetoric, English 1301, 1302 Fall 2005 to present:  Prepares students to read, write, and think critically, analytically, and competently; explores various analytic strategies and guides students as they craft multi-draft, thesis-directed arguments in response to a few selected texts.

Graduate English Program, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Teaching Practicum, 6312 Summer 2011 to present:  During the course of the year, students learn to develop a course syllabus, to set course objectives and learning outcomes, to complete the background research required to teach the assignments on the syllabus, to lead class discussion, to give an academic lecture, to conduct student conferences, and to grade student quizzes, exams, and essays..

Associate Faculty
Arts and Humanities, University of Texas at Dallas
Creating Short Stories (CWRT 3307), Summer 2006: Lecture and Workshop focusing on critical readings of contemporary American short stories and on the craft of writing original stories.
Online Facilitator, University of Phoenix Online, Phoenix, AZ
Communications (COMM 215) ongoing 5-week courses year-round, beginning January 2005: Online class (utilizing asynchronous environment and electronic libraries) focuses on critical thinking, reading, and persuasive writing.  Working in both Learning Teams and as individuals, students participate daily in discussion questions, craft a persuasive essay, a case study analysis, a research project and a PowerPoint presentation
Associate Faculty, English and Humanities
Richland College, Dallas, TX
American Literature, Post-Civil War to the Present (Literature 2328), Fall 2001; Winter 2002, Summer 2003(Internet): Focuses on significant works of American writers from the 19th century to the present, with particular attention to race and gender issues.
Introduction to the Humanities (HUMA 1301), Fall 2001: Explores nature of humankind, with emphasis on formation of collective and individual identities as seen through literature, visual arts, music, and dance.
Composition I (ENG 1301), Fall 2002, Spring 2002, Fall 2005, Spring 2006
Composition II (ENG 1302), Summer 2002, Spring 2002
Composition II, Internet/Telecourse, Spring 2003
Literature, Internet/Telecourse (ENG 2342), Winter 2002: Literary Visions is a survey course containing 26 lessons that introduces students to literature of different countries, different time periods, and different genres.

Collin County Community College, Plano, TX
Introduction to the Humanities (HUMA 1301), Spring 2001; Spring 2002; Spring 2003:  Exploring nature of humankind, impulses to create, and attendant values, ideas, and cultural achievements.
Composition I (ENG 1301), Spring, Fall 2001, Spring 2002
Composition II (ENG 1302), Fall 2001
Teaching Assistant, Arts and Humanities
University of Texas at Dallas
Creating Short Stories (Art and Performance 3307), Spring 2002, Fall, Spring 2001: Lectured and led workshops focusing on critical readings of contemporary American short stories and on the craft of writing original stories. 
Reading and Writing Texts (HUMA 3300), Fall 2002:  Assisted Dr. Alex Argyros by grading and lecturing in a course focusing on the shift in literature, fine art, and philosophy between 1880-1914 as a result of the standardization of time.
Exploration of the Arts (Art and Performance 1301), Fall 2001, Spring2001, Fall 2000: Introduction to the processes of creating, defining, understanding, and evaluating art
World Culture and Folkdance (Art and Performance 2390), Summer 2001:  Dance workshop focusing on Chinese, Arabic, Israeli, and Irish Folkdance.
American Slavery and Race Relations (History 2301), Spring 1999: Assisted Dr. Nemata Blyden in survey course over the history of slavery and its modern consequences.
U.S. Foreign Relations (History 3369), Fall 1998:  Assisted Dr. Stephen Rabe in large class, discussing American Foreign relations during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
Teacher, English and Creative Writing
Highland Park High School, 
American Literature, Creative Writing and Advanced Creative Writing, 2003-2005: Surveys American literature (12th, 10th Pre-AP); workshop and lecture format for Creative Writing, with creation of poetry, short stories, and screenplays.  Fosters independent and collaborative writing and risk-taking.  Students in Advanced Creative Writing create individual writing/reading contracts and assemble writing portfolios.

H O N O R S / A W A R D S
2007 SMU MacGuire Center for Ethics, Course Development Grant for Rhetoric proposal.
2006 Peace-Writing Honorable Mention for Boarders, a novel manuscript for young readers.  Peace and Justice Studies Association and OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology: “To encourage writing against war and violence, about the causes, consequences, and solutions to violence and ward, and for nonviolence, active peacemaking and peacemakers, world peace, human rights, and social and economic justice in the context of peacemaking.” May 2006.  
Finalist for Very Short Fiction Award: “Black Bug”   Glimmer Train Stories, Spring 2004.
Finalist for Fiction Open: “Sins of an Orphan”  Glimmer Train Stories, Winter 2002.  
Second Place National Winner for “We Cry For Us.”  Glimmer Train Stories Fiction Open, July 2002.
Jordan Fellowship for Scholarly Merit, University of Texas at Dallas, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002.

Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers; Conference, Fall 2001. 
Gulf Coast Conference for Creative Writing Teachers: “The Epidural”; Spring 2000.
20th Annual Conference of The Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association: “Horse Heavy” and “Period”; 1999.
Member: AWP, MLA

C O M M I T T E E /  C O M M U N I T Y    E X P E R I E N C E 

Workshop Presenter for Fiction Writing at Highland Park Literary Festival, 2007-2013
Judge for Essay Competition at the Highland Park Literary Festival, 2007-2013
Writer’s Mentor and Fiction-Writing Instructor.  The Writer’s Garrett. 2006-2008
Curriculum Task Force Committee Member, Richland College: responsible for revising the English 1301 curriculum to fulfill the Texas guidelines, create a minimum standards guideline for students and a syllabus template for instructors, 2003 
Sponsor, The Tartan, nationally acclaimed Literary Magazine, Highland Park High School, 2003-2004
Senior Editor, SOJOURN, Journal of Interdisciplinary Arts, University of Texas at Dallas, 1999-2001
Graduate Representative, Course Selection Committee, University of Texas at Dallas: Represented Master and Ph.D. students in the selection and solicitation of upcoming topical graduate classes, 2002
Coordinator of Teaching Assistants, Exploration of the Arts (AP1301), University of Texas at Dallas: Coordinated communication, meetings, and organization of six teaching assistants for the large-group (250 students) required class, 2001