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Multiple Drug Resistance Proteins

Structural studies

Drug Transport Mechanism studies

Small molecule drug docking

Virtual screening technologies for new inhibitors

Rotary Motors from Biology and ATP Synthase Research

Enzymatic mechanism studies

Mechanisms of multisite cooperative catalysis

Mechanisms of ligand binding in complex multisubunit systems

Membrane protein complex ion-pumping mechanisms in coupled membrane systems


2009 Darwin Year Celebrations

Video and audio links to the 2009 events organized at SMU to celebrate the 150th year since the publication of the ORIGIN OF SPECIES

Lecture: "Down in the Trenches - Gene Families and Effects on Modern Medicine"

A lecture on the Evolution of Cancer and
Problems in Chemotherapies from the SMU Darwin
Celebration's Faculty Forum (9/12/2009)

Big Problems with Intelligent Design and Discovery Institute

The Discovery Institute visited SMU on September 23, 2010. This was my response the next day.

A Teaching Moment - 100 SMU students in a discussion about Discovery Institute pseudo-science

The Discovery Institute visited SMU on September 23, 2010. This was the discussion we had in my General Education biology class the next day.

Lecture: "Intelligent Design is not Science"

A lecture on Intelligent Design for “The Scientific Method – Critical and Creative Thinking” at the Department of Physics at SMU

Lecture with Prof. Randy Scalise (SMU Physics): "Navigating Science and Pseudoscience"

A lecture on techniques to separate apparent facts from factual reality
Given in the 18th Teaching Effectiveness Symposium at the Center for Teaching Excellence at SMU (8/19/2010)

In silico Simulation and Modeling of Protein and Small Molecule Structures

Modern computational methods give novel insight into the structure and function of proteins and enzymes.


Biochemistry Links

Websites of interest to the Biomedical community


Evolution Links

Interesting Links on evolutionary topics


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