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ROLL MODELS: SMU's Best-Dressed Faculty Members

While most SMU students are very fashion conscious, many faculty members are not. That is why we take our hats off to those professors who not only teach us, but still manage to be fashionable. Here is our list of the best-dressed faculty members at SMU.

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Chris Anderson (CCPA)
Very Banana Republic, preppy and put together. He could easily be inserted straight into a Gap ad!

Teresa Brentegani (Italian Department)
Very European, very chic. She dresses so well, she looks more like an SMU student than a professor. Lots of black and basics, and always the cutest shoes! It's obvious that she's Italian!

Vincenzo Denardo (Italian Department)
Comfortable and casual. He's got the laid-back style that people try "too hard" to pull off, yet he does it without even trying. He's got aviator glasses and a leather jacket that are great also!

Judy Foxman (Marketing Lecturer)
She can pull off any suit any day. Her style is very professional, but that's what makes it her style. It's always put together in a clean-cut way.

Nancy Hill (Marketing Lecturer)
She's got truly hip style. Her outfits always match perfectly, and she accessorizes them well with hip necklaces and jewelry.

Barbara Kincaid (Business Lecturer)
It's easy to respect and listen to her lectures, because she looks and dresses the part of an intelligent professor. Suits, suits, suits. Very professional... enough said.

Joe Kobylka (Political Science Department)
He just ALWAYS dresses nice. There's nothing too specific about his style that helped him land a spot on this list; it's just consistently nicely put together.

Camille Kraeplin (Journalism)
She has a very professional look. Whether it's a suit or dressy pants and a top, her outfits always look "put together" nicely.

Dr. William Pulte (Anthropology Department)
Slacks, a sports coat, a button-down and a tie. It is the typical outfit for a male professor, but Dr. Pulte can pull it off.

Jane Suhler (Journalism)
Her everyday look could easily be pulled straight into an on-air broadcast. It's professional, but not stuffy. Conservative, but not too much. It's great and it always looks good.

-- SMUG --

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