Professor Hollifield          Western European Politics and Government

PLSC 3340 Second Study Guide


Politics and Government in Comparative and Historical Perspective


definitions of politics                                                            definition of government

Aristotle                                                            political system

Max Weber                                                            political culture

Robert Dahl                                                            modernization

regime types                                                                 sources of legitimacy*

democratic                                                                        divine right

authoritarian                                                                        parliamentary or representative

totalitarian                                                                        popular sovereignty

phases of political and social development                        state-building

traditional or feudal                                                nation-building

modern or capitalist                                                crises of participation

collectivist or socialist                                    crises of distribution


Politics and Government in Modern Britain


collective responsibility                                                party government

definition of a political party and party system            ideology

organization                                                                  leadership

social bases of support                                                functional representation

rotten boroughs                                                            Socialist and Tory Democracy

Butskellism                                                                   Thatcherism

wets                                                                             Fabians

syndicalism                                                                   Clause 4

welfare state                                                                 managed economy

Keynesian macroeconomic policy                                    Monetarist macroeconomic policy

militant tendency                                                            gang of four

The Alliance                                                                 SNP

Ulster Unionists                                                            Sinn Fein

New Labour                                                                 The Democrats

definition of an interest or pressure group                        interest groups and political parties

models of interest group politics                                    peak interest groups

pluralist                                                 TUC

Marxist-Leninist                                                CBI

statist                                                                mineworkers

corporatist (social democratic)                        public sector unions

syndicalist                                                            national incomes policy

the City                                                                        vote of confidence

dissolution                                                                    devolution

government versus private member bill                        role of MP

front bench                                                                   back bench

life peers                                                                       Law Lords

the cabinet                                                                    the minister

the department                                                              no. 10 Downing

Westminster                                                                 Whitehall

primus inter pares                                                            the Prime Minister

public school                                                                the Oxbridge civil servant

the Permanent Secretary                                                ministerial responsibility


Politics and Government in Modern France


1789                                                                            Paris and the Provinces

Revolutionary land settlement                                    Malthusian attitudes

Traditional society                                                            Church versus State

Nobles                                                             laïcité

peasant farmers                                                republican synthesis

petty bourgeois                                                Bonapartism

sans culottes                                                            The Paris Commune

The Dreyfus Affair                                                            Third Republic

the stalemate society*                                                            anti-clericalism

Jacobinism                                                                    le malaise or le mal français (1920's)

Vichy                                                                           resistance and collaboration

Fourth Republic                                                            dirigisme, colbertisme (economic planning)

religion versus class in French politics                        Popular Republican Movement (MRP)

What happened to French Christian Democracy?            Gaullism and the Gaullists*

Charles de Gaulle                                                            Michel Debré

Jean Monnet                                                                 Crises of decolonization (1950's)

force de frappe                                                            Fifth Republic

1962 amendment to French Constitution                        dual ballot electoral system

National Assembly (Chamber of Deputies)                        Senate

republican discipline                                                            cohabitation*

Council of Ministers                                                            Presidential powers

May 1968                                                                    François Mitterrand

Jacques Chirac                                                 Lionel Jospin

RPR (neo-Gaullists)                                                            UDF (Liberals?)

PCF (Communists)                                                            PS (Socialists)

FN (National Front)                                                            CGT and CFDT

Nature and organization of French interest groups            CNPF and CGPME

Grandes Ecoles*                                                            grands corps*

Who guards the guardians?                                                Council of State

Constitutional Council                                                common versus codified law


Politics and Government in Modern Germany


Politics of late development*                                                Holy Roman Empire and the German states

Reenserfment in East Prussia                                                rise of the Junkers

free holding peasants in the Rhineland                        The Thirty Years War

Reformation                                                                  Peace of Westphalia (1648)

Frederick the Great of Prussia                                                Hapsburgs versus Hohenzollerns

German Confederation (1815 - 1866)                                    Revolutions of 1848

Franco-Prussian War                                                            Otto von Bismarck

the marriage of iron and rye*                                                Second Reich

Treaty of Versailles                                                            reparations payments

Weimar Republic                                                            “stab in the back”

Adolph Hitler and the Brown Shirts                                    National Socialism

fascism and totalitarianism*                                                ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fürher

the völkisch tradition                                                            Aryan race

FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)                                    GDR (German Democratic Republic)

The Basic Law                                                 Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle)

social market economy                                                Neocorporatism

Marshall Plan                                                                anti-system parties

Konrad Adenauer                                                            Willi Brandt

positive vote of no confidence                                    Bundestag

Bundesrat                                                                     federal dimension of German Politics

Constitutional Court                                                            Chancellor

Ostpolitik                                                                    Federal President

Ministerpräsident                                                            hybrid German electoral system

5 percent rule                                                               ticket splitting

importance of parties and party system                        CDU (Christian Democratic Union)

CSU (Christian Social Union)                                    FDP (Liberals)

SPD (Social Democrats)                                                Greens

Republikaner                                                               PDS (Party of Democratic Socialism)

Helmut Kohl                                                                 Gerhard Schröder

nature and organization German interest groups            DGB and BDI

Mitbestimung (Co-determination)                                    Legalistic tradition (Rechtsstaat)

the wall after The Wall                                               

German Unification (1990) and the German Question*


The European Union


Origins of the EU*                                                            Jean Monnet and Monnetism

Idealists versus Realists                                                functionalism

ECSC                                                                          Treaty of Rome

customs union                                                               CAP

the national veto                                                            unanimity rule

Luxembourg compromise                                                qualified majority voting (QMV)

entry of UK into the EC                                                the snake and EMS

ERM                                                                            European Commission

Council of Ministers                                                            European Parliament

European Court of Justice (ECJ)                                    successes and failures of integration

Single European Act (Project 1992)                                    The Maastricht Treaty and EMU*