Dennis S. Ippolito
Eugene McElvaney Professor of Political Science
Dennis S. Ippolito
Curriculum Vitae


Spring 2019

PLSC 3321: Congress and the Legislative Process


Fall 2018

       PLSC 4333: Policy, Politics, and the Budget


Other Courses

PLSC 1320-001H/002C: Introduction to American Government and Politics

PLSC 4328: Seminar: American Government and Politics

Selected Works:
  • Deficits, Debt, and the New Politics of Tax Policy
  • Why Budgets Matter: Budget Policy and American Politics
  • Budget Policy, Deficits, and Defense: A Fiscal Framework for Defense Planning
  • Uncertain Legacies: Federal Budget Policy from Roosevelt through Reagan
  • Blunting the Sword: Budget Policy and the Future of Defense
  • Hidden Spending: The Politics of Federal Credit Programs
  • Congressional Spending
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