Here is a picture of my family, taken in Feb 2002.

Here are some more pictures, taken in March 2002 (number1, number2).

Here is a more recent one, summer03, taken in June 2003.

This is my brother and I, looking very cool in 1976. Then this is us again,  summer 2004. I'm the one on the right in both pictures.

In 1920 my dad's older sister was born. There were no more female births in the Harris family until 1999 (10 straight births were boys), then there were two, my daughter Claire, and a few months later my brother's daughter Ellie. Here they are at the beach in July 2004. Claire started kindergarten in August 2004.

The following pictures are from 1979, at the interschool track championships. This is me in a heat of the 400m, running 55.35 (all the way over to the right). Then this is me winning the 800m, in 2:08.74. Finally, this is me taking 2nd in the 400m final., in 54.17 (middle runner).

Susan likes to play the piano, and she's pretty good at it. Michael is my son, he's very busy.