FAQS for Prospective majors or minors

1)      I want to declare a STAT major. How do I do this?

If Statistics is your first major you must see your UAC advisor (4th floor Blanton) to fill out the relevant paperwork. If Statistics is your second or subsequent major, please see the Statistics UG advisor, Prof. Ian Harris (iharris@smu.edu, Heroy Room 103).


2)      Which catalog year will I follow?

All new STAT majors (declared on or after 8/21/2017) must follow the latest (2017-18) catalog requirements.


3)      I took MATH 2339 (Calculus 3) and/or MATH 2343 (Diff. eq.) back when they were 2000 level courses. Will these count towards the MATH 3XXX elective requirement?

Yes. MATH 2339 and MATH 2343 can be used to satisfy the MATH 3XXX elective requirement.



4)      I want to declare a STAT minor. How do I do this?

The STAT minor is 15 hours, with two required courses (STAT 5371, STAT 5372). Starting fall 2017, the STAT minor requires STAT 2331, STAT 3300 and 9 more hours of advanced STAT electives. You do not need to make an appointment with the STAT advisor to get the minor approved. Just fill out a change of degree program request form (you can get one from your major advisor), and turn it into the Statistics administrative office (Heroy Room 144).


5)      Im interested in the MASDA degree as a 4+1

Please see the MASDA FAQ.



If you do not see your questions answered above, please contact Prof. Harris (iharris@smu.edu), include your ID number.