Southern Politics, Thursday, 10/20/05 photographs;
alternative caption suggestions invited! (give filename of jpg file,

20758D_01.jpg Austin, Jane, Lindsay, and Robert, but not Christa, seem really fuzzy;
HWS uses fingers to count to one

20758D_02.jpg Austin, Jane, Lindsay, and Robert, get clarity, join Christa;
HWS uses fingers to count to two

20758D_03.jpg Andrea and Robert fuzzed out;
HWS waves fingers, threatens to count to ten

20758D_04.jpg Andrea and Robert still lacking clarity;
HWS: empty-handed

20758D_05.jpg Shadows lurk
HWS: what's that hand gesture?

20758D_06.jpg Robert and Austin go fuzzy again;
HWS: Obviously a point worth grimacing over

20758D_07.jpg Andrea, Austin, Jane, and Jennifer display their studious student side;
HWS gestures grandly (but why point with the middle finger?), only Robert is distracted

20758D_08.jpg Austin and Jennifer stay studious; Andrea and Jane, like Robert, get distracted;
HWS corrects middle finger problem

20758D_09.jpg Jennifer stays studious (or is she trying to balance her pen on its point?);
Austin, Christa, Jane, Katharine, Lindsay, and Robert stare off into space;
HWS: thumbs up!

20758D_10.jpg Andrea fuzzy;
HWS empty-handed again

20758D_11.jpg Andrea still fuzzy;
HWS still empty-handed: the definition of a lecturer is someone who can talk until he remembers what it is he wanted to say

20758D_12.jpg Austin and Robert fuzzy;
HWS waves ten fingers, reminds class he just might count that high even if unable to remember the content of so many points

20758D_13.jpg Robert doodles;
HWS waves hands

20758D_14.jpg Jill and Marshall poised, ready to note anything worth noting; Whitney can't be bothered

20758D_15.jpg Katherine thinking, "11.08, only 72 more minutes to go!" Christa, Jane, Lindsay, Robert fuzzy HWS: yes, I can make my left hand disappear, just like my right hand, but not at the same time...

20758D_16.jpg Adam, Amy, Angela, Brandon, Johnny, Madison, Preston, and Shawheen




20758D_20.jpg Adam, Daniel, Homer, Jill, Marshall, Shawheen, and Thomas



20758D_23.jpg Adam, Daniel, Eric, Homer, and Thomas fuzzy;
HWS demonstrates he can almost make most of his fingertips touch, at least on the right hand





20758D_28.jpg whole roomful of students

20758D_29.jpg Christa contemplative; Robert catches up on his reading; Andrea, Austin, Jane, Jennifer, and Lindsay attentively rapt

20758D_30.jpg Adam, Amy, Brandon, Johnny, Preston, and Shawheen

20758D_31.jpg Adam, Amy, Brandon, Johnny, Preston, Shawheen, and Thomas

20758D_32.jpg Christa and Katherine

20758D_33.jpg Andrea, Austin, and Jennifer put up with more HWS hand gestures

20758D_34.jpg Andrea dubious, Austin attentive, Jennifer wondering how hard it is to be a photographer

20758D_35.jpg Andrea still dubious, Austin taking it all in, Jennifer oblivious;
HWS waving hands

20758D_36.jpg Christa, Katherine, Jessica, and Whitney wondering if this will be on the exam

20758D_37.jpg Christa, Katherine, and Whitney thrilled to be in class

20758D_38.jpg Robert makes a point, Christa makes a note, Austin deep in thought

20758D_39.jpg Robert makes a point, Austin and Jane aren't buying it; Christa oblivious, Lindsay alert and wary

20758D_40.jpg Eric in profile, Johnny looking intently studious

20758D_41.jpg Amy ecstatic over the approaching end of class, Daniel deep in meditation, Madison holding down the back row

20758D_42.jpg Frank holds down the back row, Jessica fills out her appointment calendar, and Katherine takes a break from writer's cramp

20758D_43.jpg Christa, Frank, Jessica, and Katherine slog through class, but what is that dark, brooding cloud of thoughts (?) over Christa's head?