Eva Oberdörster, Ph.D.         

Senior Lecturer

Department of Biology

Southern Methodist University 

Department of Biological Sciences

PO Box 750376

Dallas, Texas 75275-0376


T:  214-768-1241

E-mail: eoberdor@mail.smu.edu


Biology 1303:  Essentials of Biology

Biology 1310:  Aquatic Biology of the Southwest

Biology 1402:  Introductory Biology for Majors

Biology 3305:  Limnology (Aquatic Biology)

Biology 3306:  Physiology and Regulatory Biology

Biology 4132:  Senior Seminar on Nanotechnology

Biology 4160:  Toxicology Laboratory

Biology 4360:  Environmental and Human Toxicology

Biology 5110:  Biochemistry Laboratory


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