'I'll Study for the Test Tomorrow'

Serious procrastinators get poorer grades

SUNDAY, Sep. 22 (HealthScoutNews) -- If you're a college student and a committed procrastinator, you might want to delay getting your grades.

An Ohio State University study says the worst procrastinators scored much lower grades than low or moderate procrastinators in a college course packed with deadlines. The most severe procrastinators were also more likely to try to rationalize their behavior by saying things like they work best under pressure. But the study proves that isn't true.

"The results show that procrastinators don't work better under pressure, but it may be the only way they work. They don't have any idea how well they might do if they didn't procrastinate," a news release quotes study author Bruce Tuckman, professor of education at Ohio State University, as saying.

He found the worst procrastinators had an average course grade of 2.9 on a 4.0 scale, compared to 3.4 for moderate procrastinators and 3.6 for low procrastinators.

The findings were presented recently at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in Chicago. The study included 116 students in a 10-week study skills class taught by Tuckman. The class teaches learning and motivation strategies to help them learn from lecture and text, built their self-confidence and responsibility, learn to manage time, research and write papers, and prepare for their exams.

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SOURCE: Ohio State University news release, August 2002