Install and Running the Included ExamplesΒΆ

To built the library we require CMake (version >= 2.8.12).

To build the library, extract the library and set up a build directory. Then invoke cmake, make, and optionally make install.

tar -zxvf yee_crbc_lib.tar.gz
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../yee_crbc_lib
make install

For some compilers, it may be necessary to add the flag “-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:STRING=-std=c++11” to the cmake command. For more detailed instructions and options for installation, please refer to Installation.

To test the build, the 2d Yee Scheme example (4500 iterations), 3d Yee (1200 iterations), or wave equation examples can be run by navigating to the example directory in the build folder, e.g.:

cd build/examples/2d_yee

For more details about these programs, please see Examples.

To build an example again (e.g. 2d_yee), it is only necessary to type make in the example directory, e.g.

cd build/examples/2d_yee

To manually compile and link the example (e.g. 2d_yee), note that one need to specify the specify the location the library was installed (the default is /usr/local/

gcc -L/usr/local/lib -I/usr/local/include/crbc yee_TM.c -o yee_TM.x -lyeecrbc -lstdc++ -lm

For more detailed information please refer to the following user guides: