Simple Examples

To help demonstrate the usage of the CRBC/DAB library, we have constructed some simple examples.

Transverse-magnetic Yee example

The first example is a transverse-magnetic wave guide with a simple scatter. This examples demonstrated the use of the 2D interface.

3D Yee example

Next we have an example using the full 3D Yee scheme. This example is set up to be a simulation between two parallel PEC plates with a Gaussian source in one of the components. We note that this example is flexible in the sense that the boundaries can be changed to any configuration of PEC and radiating boundaries. This example demonstrates the 3D Yee interface.

Advanced Examples

We also present some more advanced examples that take advantage of some of the more complex features of the underlying C++ code.

First we demonstrate running a scalar wave equation in 1D, 2D, and 3D taking advantage of the fact that the C++ interface is templated on dimension (note that the underlying functions are all dimension independent, but the interface only supports up to 3 dimensions).

Next we demonstrate a possible implementation of the 3D Yee scheme using the C++ interface and MPI (note that we are not offcially supporting MPI at this time)