Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the job only allocated ~7 GB?

The default memory allocation for a job is ~7 GB. Depending on the node type being requested more memory can be allocated for the job.

Partition Duration Cores Memory [GB] Slurm Flags
development 2 hours 36 256 -p development
htc 1 day. 1 6 -p htc --mem=6G
standard-mem-s 1 day 36 256 -p standard-mem-s --exclusive --mem=250G
standard-mem-m 1 week 36 256 -p standard-mem-m --exclusive --mem=250G
standard-mem-l 1 month 36 256 -p standard-mem-l --exclusive --mem=250G
medium-mem-1-s 1 day 36 768 -p medium-mem-1-s --exclusive --mem=750G
medium-mem-1-m 1 week 36 768 -p medium-mem-1-m --exclusive --mem=750G
medium-mem-1-l 1 month 36 768 -p medium-mem-1-l --exclusive --mem=750G
medium-mem-2 2 weeks 24 768 -p medium-mem-2 --exclusive --mem=750G
high-mem-1 2 weeks 36 1538 -p high-mem-1 --exclusive --mem=1500G
high-mem-2 2 weeks 40 1538 -p high-mem-2 --exclusive --mem=1500G
mic 1 week 64 384 -p mic --exclusive --mem=374G
gpgpu-1 1 week 36 256 -p gpgpu-1 --exclusive --gres=gpu:1 --mem=250G
dcv 1 day 36 256 -p dcv --exclusive --mem=250G

How do I change the format of the output of the squeue command?

You can change the output of squeue using the “-o” flag, which can be used to set different fields and their widths (see “man squeue” for all the fields). To use the same configuration repeatedly you can setup an alias such as following in your ~/.bashrc file.

alias cq="squeue -u ${USER} -o \"%.20i %.15P %.8T %.12M %.6D %.15j %R\""