Set Up an Account

Request a New Account

To request a new account, please send an email to the SMU HPC Admins ( with enough details to create an account as follows:

  • If you are a student, postdoc, or visiting scholar please ask your supervisor, sponsor, or adviser to send an email to the SMU HPC Admins
  • Please include the following details of the new account holder
    • Full Name
    • Department
    • A valid SMU email for SMU student/post-doc/faculty/staff. If external collaborator, a valid email for communication of alerts or announcement notifications
    • If external collaborator, account holders associating organization
    • Duration for which the account should remain active

The above details will help us create appropriate accounts within appropriate groups on ManeFrame.

Terminating an Existing Account

Please send a request to the SMU HPC Admins to terminate an account, in addition to a short reason describing the termination request.

Account Password/Account Sharing Policy

No two individuals should share the same ManeFrame account, nor should two individuals share the password of the same ManeFrame account. Each individual is entitled to have their own account hence please request one.