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On May 18, 1430, Joan entered Soissons. She had planned to use the bridge there to take the enemy from behind. However the towns captain, Guichard Bournel, sold the town before she had a chance to. When Joan heard of this she was furious and replied that "if she could get ahold of said captain she would cut him into pieces." Joan left Soissions to return to Compiegne on May 19.


Joan entered Compiegne on May 14, 1430, shortly after it became evident that the town would soon be besieged by the Burgundians. The town lies to the north of Paris at the joining of the Oise and Aisne rivers with Normandy just on the other side of the Oise. Joan left for Soissons but returned within a few days. She made a sortie with 500 men and was trapped outside the city when the French were forced to raise the drawbridge before everyone could make it back to safety. Joan was pulled from her horse and captured by the Burgundians on May 23, 1430, just outside the city's walls.