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Texts Related to Joan of Arc

This section of the WWW site for The International Joan of Arc Society/ Société Internationale de l'étude de Jeanne d'Arc is dedicated to a collaborative project aiming to produce texts and translations (into English and French) of the trials of Joan of Arc on the World Wide Web. Achieving this task will take the generous collaboration of scholars around the world over a long period of time. Our first goal is to produce WWW copies of texts and translations that are out of copyright. We ask for your recommendations of texts and your help with the web mark-up work.

We are grateful to all who submit documents for inclusion in The International Joan of Arc Society/ Société Internationale de l'étude de Jeanne d'Arc Website. Since we must meet the highest standards of scholarly rigor and we must conform to copyright law, we ask that along with Web-ready materials by attachment or on diskette you submit hard copies of original documents as well as your translations. We remind you that international copyright laws do not permit us to mount any sources printed less that 75 years ago. Unless you hold the copyright to your materials, we must require that you receive all requisite permission from the copyright holder. Please submit copyright permissions information when you submit documents. Submitters are solely responsible for all materials mounted to the site under their names.

Click here to view JEANNE D'ARC: Maid of Orleans Deliverer of France, Being the Story of her Life, her Achievements, and her Death, asattested on Oath and set forth in the Original Documents. Edited by T. Douglas Murray (London: William Heinemann,1903). Condemnation trial, courtesy of Virginia Frohlick.

Click here to view Joan of Arc by Joseph Delteil (trans. Malcolm Cowley) New York: Minton, Balch, 1926. (NOTE: 685K PDF file)

Click here to view The Condemnation and Rehabilitation Trials of Joan of Arc by Jane Marie Pinzino.

THE 1431 TRIAL OF JOAN OF ARC, Being the verbatim report of the proceedings from the Orleans Manuscript, translated by W.S. Scott, 1956, Associated Book Sellers. The International Joan of Arc Society¹s on-line edition of the 1431 trial record is edited by Dr. Jane Marie Pinzino with permission of Royal Folio Society. See Associated Book Sellers¹ original hardcover edition for Scott¹s critical apparatus.

Click here to view Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain.

Click here to view an "index verborum" for the condemnation trial of Joan of Arc ("PROCES DE CONDAMNATION DE JEANNE D’ARC"), by scholar Jean Fraikin (Université catholique de Louvain, Université de Liège). The work is divided into four sections: the introduction, (1) the index of latin words, (2) the index of french words, (3) the index of names.