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Joan of Arc Email Discussion Group

Members and non-members are invited to join this discussion group about Joan of Arc, moderated by Mr. Robert Wirth (jehannedarc@usfamily.net. To subscribe, send an email to join-joanofarc@list.smu.edu.  Leave the message text blank.

The e-mail discussion forum is not a real-time chat room. This forum exists for friendly and productive exchanges among faculty, independent scholars, and students who are interested in Joan of Arc. Members are encouraged to share current research and insights into Joan of Arc - not only in the fifteenth-century sources (including her heresy and rehabilitation trials), but also in subsequent centuries (in literature, arts, politics, and piety). We encourage you to use the discussion list to announce relevant upcoming conferences, share resources, and discuss pertinent issues.

To send a message that you intend to be read by everyone on the list, use the following e-mail address: joanofarc@list.smu.edu

To inquire about subscribing or to ask questions, use the following address:

Messages are usually posted to the forum within 24 hours of sending. There are many knowledgeable people in the forum who can answer questions or discuss issues. In addition, the forum maintains an archive of past letters on specific subjects, such as Joan's origins, her military successes, her seeming opposition to the Church of her day, and so on. Persons interested in Joan will likely find these helpful.

The e-mail forum does not, unfortunately, have net access in itself, or a search capability such as one would find with one of the standard search engines. However, a query to the forum or to the editor (addresses above) will get an answer. The e-mail forum can receive e-mail from almost every e-mail provider, so senders need not worry about the technical difficulties of html, ascii, ansi, mime, etc.