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Reading copies of these texts are on reserve at SMU Fondren Library. Non-SMU students should procure a Texshare Card from their home library. All books are available for purchase at the SMU Barnes and Noble Bookstore—and, of course, usually less expensively on-line. Be sure to purchase and use only the edition specified since other editions and translations are often defective.

We regret that all Online Readings (OLR) are restricted to students forally registered in the course. We are required to maintain this retriction in order to remain within copyright compliance. However, copies of all these essays and book chapters can be used at SMU since they are all on reserve mostly at Fondren Library under the course title "Mourners."

Joshua Lupkin, the Humanities Research Librarian at the Central University Libraries at SMU, is available for individual or group consultations about methods for finding appropriate source materials for this course.  Please do not hesitate to contact him at, (214) 768-1838 or consult his online guide to Medieval Studies at

Required OLR On Reserve Recommended