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Course Objectives

Course Objectives: To introduce students to major works of medieval north European and English culture and to a larger art historical, literary, and historical narrative of the period; to develop skills used in the study of history, art history, and literature, including close looking, study of primary texts, critical reading of relevant scholarship, and writing about history, art, and literature.
By the end of the course, in your final examination, you will be able to identify several formal elements in a work of literature, art history, and history. You will be required to write an analysis of at least two interpretive problems in specific works of literature, art history, and history. In addition, you will be able, in a comprehensive final exam, to identify the disciplines whose approaches were included in this course and to describe several contributions that each discipline contributed to your understanding of the topic.


Final Examination Demonstration of Course Objectives: Through a variety of questions you answer in your journals and  on the final, you will be able to recount and explain at least five major (1) events, (2) dates, (3) historical figures, (4) works of literature, (5) works of art and artistic movements and currents, and (6) religious and philosophical and general ethical attitudes towards loss, death, grief, and mourning typical of a medieval culture involving some 30 million people produced and shaped by the interacting branches (Capetian, Valois, Plantagenet) of a royal clan addicted to patronage as well as politics.


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