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Requirements: It’s important that we all be there there! Attendance is required: if you miss more than two (2) classes, you receive an automatic administrative drop from course. Readings must be finished by the time assigned; quizzes will be given if necessary (you’ll know why) at random and account for 10% of the final grade—if quizzes prove unnecessary, then this component will be assigned to class participation. There will be no substitutes or make-ups. Other components of the final grade are: four in-class debates (40%); two panel presentations (20%); term examination (10%); comprehensive final exam (20%).

Panel discussions: Twice during the semester, each student will take part in leading a panel discussion, in which four students briefly present a topic related to the reading (context, content, significance x2), and the rest of the class responds. Class discussion will be the responsibility of presenters and audience. Panelists will present a polished performance with a clear argument and a class handout.

Final Exam: The final exam will be comprehensive. It will consist of multiple sections that will require you to identify concepts, characters, and historical figures; to comment on selections from the course readings; and to compose a long essay.