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1898 Georges Hatot, Jeanne d'Arc. (French). A fragment is preserved at the Centre Jeanne d'Arc in Orleans.


1900 Georges Melies, Jeanne d'Arc. Star Films (French). An historical reconstruction in twelve scenes. Joan played by Mlle. Calviere.

Melies, "Jeanne d'Arc"

1908 Albert Capellani, Jeanne d'Arc. Pathe (French). Joan played by Leontine Massart.

Capellani, "Jeanne d'Arc"

1909 Mario Caserini, Vie de Jean d'Arc. Cines (Italian). Joan played by Maria Gasperini. Based on Die Jungfrau von Orleans by Schiller.


1913 Nino Oxilia, Giovanna d'Arco. Pasquali (Italian).


1917 Cecil B de Mille, Joan the Woman, Paramount (USA). Based on Schiller's Die Jungfrau von Orleans. Joan played by Geraldine Farrar.

Geraldine Farrar "Death by Fire"

1928 Carl Dreyer, La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc. Societe generale de Films (French). Historical advisor: Pierre Champion. Joan played by Renee (aka Maria) Falconetti.

Renee Falconetti "Cross"

1928 Marc de Gastyne, La Merveilleuse vie de Jeanne d'Arc. Auliert-Natan (French). Joan played by Simone Genevoix.

La Merveilleuse vie de Jeanne d'Arc

1935 Gustav Ucicky, das Madchen Johanna. UFA (Germany). Joan played by Angela Salloker

Angela Salloker "Yelling"

1948 Victor Fleming, Joan of Arc. Production RKO (USA). Religious advisor: R.P. Donoceur. Based on Joan of Lorraine by Maxwell Anderson. Joan played by Ingrid Bergman. 

Ingrid Bergman "Meeting the King"


Ingrid Bergman "Speech to the Troops

1952 Carl Dreyer, La Passion de Jean d'Arc. The 1928 Gaumont silent film equipped with sound track by Lo Duca. Music: Bach, Vivaldi, Albinoni.  
1954 Roberto Rosselini, Giovanna d'Arco al Rogo (Italian). A Franco-London-Film and PCA (Franco-Italian) Coproduction. Based on the text of Paul Claudel and on the oratorio by Paul Claudel and Arthur Honegger. Joan played by Ingrid Bergman. Act 1: The King and Joan. Act 2: The people's hatred of Joan.

Giovanna d'Arco, Act 1

Giovanna d'Arco, Act 2

1954 Jean Delannoy, Destinees (Jeanne). This film is one of three sketches of a long film entitled Destinees and consecrated to La Femme et la guerre. Joan played by Michele Morgan. A Franco-London-Film and Continental Produzione Coproduction.

Michele Morgan, "Destinees"

1956 Robert Enrico, Jehanne. A SINPRI-Guy Perol Production (French). A short film relating the life of Joan of Arc from miniatures of a manuscript of the fifteenth-century. Text read by Alain Cuny. Music reconstructed by a fifteenth century specialist, Madeleine Bourlat.  
1957 Otto Preminger, Saint Joan. Wherel Productions (USA). Script by Graham Greene adapting the play of Bernard Shaw. French subtitles by Jean Anouilh. Jean played by Jean Seberg. 

Jean Seberg "Entrance to Court"


Jean Seberg "Sentencing"

1961 Claude Antoine, Jeanne au vitrail. Films Claude Antoine (French). This short film relates the life of Joan of Arc according to stained glass windows depicting the principal movements of her life: Domremy, Vaucouleurs, Chinon, Orleans, Reims, Rouen.  
1962 Robert Bresson, Le Proces de Jeanne d"arc. Agnes Delahaie (French). A film based on the minutes of the condemnation trial and rehabilitation trials. Joan played by Florence Carrez.  
1962 Francis Lacassin, Histoire de Jeanne. Lux-CCF (French). A short film based on the documents and engravings of the fifteenth century in the Bibliotheque Nationale and Bibliotheque Municipale of Lyon.  
Jeanne en France: Based on the work of Regine Pernoud, this documentary provides factual data about Joan and her incredible journey.

Regine Pernoud

1970 Gleb Panfilov, Nachalo- Le Debut. Studio-Len Film (USSR). Black and white. A satiric comedy; Joan played by Inna Tchourikova.  
Seraphic Dialogues: An interpretive dance version of Joan's mission; a turely moving masterpiece.

Seraphic Dialogues

1983 Gina Newson, Joan of Arc. British Film Institute. Black and White. Commentator, Marina Warner.

The Jeanne d'Arc Museum in Rouen: The museum's personal biography of Joan's life on video. Much of the material was filmed in and around Rouen.

Museum in Rouen

1989 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Staring Keanu Reeves. It provides and alternative view of the source of Joan's voices....

Bill and Ted's Adventure

1993 Jacques Rivette, Jeanne la Pucelle (French). Joan played by Sandrine Bonnaire.

Jeanne la Pucelle

History Makers: Joan of Arc: A Canadian commentary and reenactment of Joan's life.

History Makers

1995 Anniversary Jeanne d'Arc (in French): A documentary commemorating Joan's extraordinary life.

1995 Anniversary

"Forever Knight", a recent TV show that portrays the vampire antagonist opposite Joan.

"Forever Knight"

1997 Jacques Rivette-Jeanne la Pucelle: The Battles/The Prisons: An excellent version of Joan's life in two part, namely her military actions and her subsequent imprisonment. Joan played by Sandrine Bonnaire.

Jeanne la Pucelle, Act 1


Jeanne la Pucelle, Act 2

1998 Joan of Arc: The Power and the Innocence, Part 1: A powerful French miniseries that recently aired in France.

Power and the Innocence

1999 Joan of Arc (CBS Remake): This is a story of Joan of Arc, who at seventeen, led one of the greatest campaigns for freedom the world has ever witnessed. Staring Leelee Sobieski as Joan.