I'm an assistant professor of philosophy at SMU. My main area of research is in the philosophy of mind, especially consciousness and the philosophy of perception. I have further interests in cognitive science, metaphysics, epistemology, and meta-ethics. I also teach an introductory course in applied ethics.


My undergraduate degree was in philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science at Rice University in Houston. I obtained a Ph.D in philosophy at the University of Arizona in the summer of 2003, with a minor in cognitive science. I started teaching in the philosophy department at SMU in the fall of 2003. My CV can be viewed here.


Much of my research concerns the relationship between the two central features of mentality--consciousness and intentionality. I'm particularly interested in the idea that conscious experiences have a certain kind of intentional content in virtue of their phenomenal character. In several papers I have argued for a Fregean rather than a Russellian theory of phenomenal content. I've also written on the topics of color constancy, the inverted spectrum, the spatial content of experience, and the argument from hallucination.

I have also "dabbled" in meta-ethics. In particular, I have defended a "response-dependent" account of moral value in "Moral Value, Response-Dependence, and Rigid Designation" (2006, Canadian Journal of Philosophy). I hope to return to this topic again in the not-too-distant future.

Representative Publications

All of these papers (along with abstracts) can be found here.


This fall (2007) I am teaching PHIL 1318: Contemporary Moral Problems and PHIL 3310: Advanced Topics in Philosophy, devoted to the topic of Consciousness.