The Lippert Research Group

Optical Monitoring of Respiratory Chemistry in Humans

Working with clinical collaborators, we are adapting our methods to detect important analyses like nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen peroxide in human saliva and exhaled breath condensate. Using a chemiluminescence assay and smartphone camera, we have been able to make measurements of hydrogen peroxide in human exhaled breath condensates with a ~250 nm detection limit and good agreement with standard assays. This technology is in the process of being commercialized by the student-founded company BioLum Sciences, LLC. Working in concert with the SMU Center for Global Health Impact (CGHI), we are moving towards using these and other biomarker assays to improve health around the world.

Prof. Thomas Ritz, Department of Clinical Psychology, SMU
Prof. Eric Bing, Departments of Anthropology and Applied Physiology & Wellness, SMU
BioLum Sciences, LLC

Kroll, J. L.; Werchan, C. A.; Reeves, A. G.; Bruemmer, K. J.; Lippert, A. R.; Ritz, T. "Sensitivity of salivary hydrogen sulfide to psychological stress and its association with exhaled nitric oxide and affect." Physiol. Behav. 2017, 179, 99-104. doi:10.1016/j.physbeh.2017.05.023


Quimbar, M.E.; Krenek, K. M.; Lippert, A. R.* "A chemiluminescent platform for smartphone monitoring of H2O2 in human exhaled breath condensates." Methods 2016, 109, 123. doi:10.1016/j.ymeth.2016.05.017

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Krenek, K. M.; Lippert, A. R. (Southern Methodist University) "Composition, Device and Imaging System for Analysis Using Chemiluminescent Probes", U.S. Patent Application 14,741,141, filed June 16, 2015.