Alejandro Aceves

Department of Mathematics Southern Methodist University

Current research projects:

  • Modeling of nonlinear optical pulse propagation in waveguide gratings. This work is in collaboration with now former student Tomas Dohnal who is now a Humboldt Research Fellow at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. If you want to see some of our research and papers click here More recently I started work on pulse dynamics in photonic crystal fibers.

  • With Dr. Paul Bennett, we developed a parallel code to solve Maxwell's equations in nonlinear dielectrics. Here is a summary of

  • In collaboration with PhD student Gowri Srinivansan, we are studying the effect noise due to manufacturing imperfections in the problem of light localization if nonlinear fiber arrays. (Funded by NSF)

  • Modeling intense laser light propagation in air. PhD work of student Alexey Sukhinin, work in collaboration with the group of Prf. Jean-Claude Diels from Physics and Astronomy, UNM (Funded by ARO).

  • In collaboration with Mac Hyman from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Ildar Gabitov from LANL and U. of Arizona and grad student Tomas Dohnal, we are studying the spread of diseases, when we index the infected population not by spatial location, but by other criteria (eg. age). We then look at continuum models, when we model the spread by nearest "neighbor" (from the indexing point of view) contact. This leads to interesting models with non-linear cross diffusion effects.

  • In collaboration with Gustavo Cruz-Pacheco from IIMAS-UNAM, we are studying the effect of a thermal bath in dimers and oscillator chains as described by the discrete NLSE.

  • Presentations

    Here is a sample of presentations on our research
  • Nonlinear photonics

  • Nonlinearity and disorder in fiber arrays
  • Professional:

    (Short) vitae

    (Long) vitae

    Chair of the SIAM Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures Activity Group (2005-06)

    Editor of the SIAM Book Series Mathematical Modeling and Computation

    Associate Editor of the Hindawi Journal Advances in Nonlinear Optics

    Former Ph. D Students :

  • Prof. Anjan Biswas, PhD 1997. Currently Associate. Prof., Department of Mathematics, Delaware State University.
  • Dr. Paul Bennett, PhD 2000. Currently Computer Scientist, Computer Science Corporation, Vicksburg Mississippi.
  • Dr. Igor Nazarov, PhD 2004 (co-advisor with Thomas Hagstrom). Currently Visiting Research Instructor, Michigan State University.
  • Dr. Tomas Dohnal, PhD, 2005. Currently Humboldt Research Fellow, University of Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • Gowri Srinivasan PhD, 2008.

    Current PhD students:

  • Alexei Sukhinin (Expected PhD, 2008)

    MS students:

  • Galina Watts (research in supercontinuum generation in optical fibers). Graduated 2006.
  • Bobbi Page (research in pulse dynamics in optical fiber gratings with resonators). Graduated 2006.
  • Ignacio Rozada (research in distribued sensor networks). Graduated 2006. Currently PhD student, Applied Math., U. British Columbia.
  • Christopher Donahue (research on modeling in neuroscience). Graduated summer 2007. Currently PhD student in Neuroscience, Yale University.
  • Gerard Baca (research on thermal effects in plates from infrared imaging). To graduate, Fall 2008. Currently: Engineer at the Air force Research Laboratory.

    Undergraduate students

  • Jordan Allen-Flowers, Honor thesis in supercontinuum generation. Currently PhD program in Applied Mathematics. U of Washington.

    Former postdocs:

  • Dr. Gregory Luther. Current position, Principle Scientist at Adaptive Optics Associates.
  • Prof. Costantino De Angelis. Current position, Professor Electrical Engineering, Universita di Brescia, Italy
  • Prof. Marco Santagiustina. Current position, Professor Electrical Engineering, Universita di Padova, Italy.
  • Prof. Gustavo Cruz-Pacheco. Current position, Professor Instituto de Investigacion de Matematicas Aplicadas y Sistemas (IIMAS). Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico (National University of Mexico).